I’m back from my holiday!

Hello everyone!

I’m so sorry I’ve been missing for 6 days now! I try to never miss a day of blogging but I just didn’t have enough content to write for the week I was away and I didn’t want to get all stressed out before my week away, so I thought “screw it” and only scheduled a couple of posts I had already started, or needed to be put up.

But, I am back now, no need to panic!!

For your information, yes, I had a super lovely holiday… I did NOTHING all week and it was just what I needed. I already miss the sun (even though I hate hot weather), the pool and being with Matt 24/7 (lol lame, sorry).

Back to work today, and I have no post scheduled for tonight, but if I have any time after unpacking, I’ll try and squeeze one in. I will also go through all comments today and finally reply to them!

Here’s some pics of my hols… please excuse how WordPress absolutely KILLS the quality

unnamed (3)

unnamed (8)

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