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MEET THE BLOGGER - Bridget @ Bridget and Books

Hello all, welcome to another one of my Meet the Blogger posts!

Today we’re getting to know the lovely, bubbly and creative Bridget from Bridget and Books! I adore Bridget’s colourful, fun blog. She makes all her own graphics as well, which I am in AWE of. Not to mention she’s such a lovely human being… all go follow her blog, immediately. (please)

So, without further ado, let’s meet Bridget.

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Why hello there! *winks seductively* I’m Bridget, a 25 year old book blogger from Houston, Texas, who has a vast love for both reading a good fantasy novel as well as listening to the soft purring of my cats. My greatest goal in life is world domination. I mean… becoming a successful blogger. I also think I’m hilarious, so there’s that. (Follow me pls)

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When did you start your blog and what made you decide to start blogging?

I started my blog towards the end of March of this year. Frankly, it was a very quick decision… I didn’t put much thought or planning into it – I just jumped straight in the moment the idea of “I should start a blog, too!” popped into my head (hence why I wasn’t very active the first month of having a blog).

I didn’t even become aware of the online book community until around October or so when I found BookTube. That discovery led me to both Bookstagram and Goodreads. And from there, I was introduced to the world of book blogs!

At the time I was bursting at the seams to do something creative – which is odd because I’ve never identified myself as being a creative person because I have zero talent for anything??? – and what most grabbed my attention (besides the obvious desire to talk about books) was to create a website that had *MY PERSONALITY* plastered all over it. I’ve now become totally obsessed with my blog “design” and it’s been a lot of fun creating it.


What is your most recent 5 star read and why did you love it so much?

Image result for into the water paula hawkins

I actually had to check Goodreads for this because I’m trying to be a bit more critical in how I rate books, but the most recent one I loved was Into The Water by Paula Hawkins. It produced such a creepy and tense atmosphere that I was racing through it to get to the bottom of the whodunnit mystery. I absolutely love books that make me crazy to find out the truth and Into The Water pulled it off really well without me being able to solve it. I felt I was close…. but then BAM! nope, not at all close #WorstInvestigatorEver


What’s your favourite genre to read, and why?

My favorite genre is fantasy. Let’s face it, reality is tough sometimes. I prefer to be able to escape reality and the best way I can do that is read a fantasy novel where magic is real and opportunities are endless.


Is there a genre that you avoid reading? What is it and why?

I try my best not to avoid any genre in particular, but generally speaking I’m not all that interested in the traditional romance novels like the ones where the covers feature a shirtless cowboy and the title is some sort of sexual innuendo/pun. Cringe.


Are there any really popular books you don’t like?

Yes, I do have a few that a lot of people will rave about but just didn’t do it for me. One of them being The Cursed Child (I completely understand it is a play and should be seen and not read buuut) for doing a complete 180 on the characters we all grew to love in a 7 installment series. Another one being Gemina, the sequel to the very popular Illuminae, which essentially repeated the same plot line as the first book (hot bad ass girl falls for charming bad boy and saves the day).


What’s your opinion on secondhand books?

They’re a great option for people who aren’t able to buy a new copy. I have a loooot of secondhand books, ones from my parents and also ones that I bought in secondhand bookshops for required school readings. 😛


What are some of your favourite book covers? 

I’ve limited myself to four because I could honestly go on and on about all the book covers I love. I generally go for book covers that are centered around a pretty font for the title and feature minimalist art.


Do you have any bookish pet peeves?

My biggest pet peeve is when a series suddenly switches to a different cover design like… halfway through a series. Just. Why????? ^^’


What book or series could you read over and over again without growing tired of?

Harry Potter – this is said so often by practically everyone that I’m sure bloggers everywhere are tired of reading this as an answer, but yes Harry Potter changed my life and there were so many nights where I dreamt of walking through the magical corridors of Hogwarts that I don’t think, even twenty years from now, I’d ever tire of revisiting those stories. ❤


What is your book goal for this year, and how well are you doing towards it?

So, this is the very first year I’ve ever made a goal for my reading so I kept it small and (hopefully) achievable and I’m trying to read 30 books this year. I’ve currently read 18 so, according to Goodreads, I’m a book behind schedule. Cue the ensuing panic.

long borrder

So there we have it! That’s Bridget! I hope you’ve all enjoyed getting to know her and will go over to her blog and follow her!

I hope you’ve all enjoyed this post, and be sure to keep an eye for a few more of these Meet the Blogger posts coming soon!

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