August 2017 wrap-up

books ive read this month

Yep. I only read 4 books this month. Tragic.

2 stars
The House by Simon Lelic
Did You See Melody? by Sophie Hannah

4 stars
The Sixteen Trees of the Somme by Lars Mytting
Copycat by Alex Lake


fave book of the month


Although I enjoyed The Sixteen Trees too, there was something about Copycat, a fast paced thriller, that made me a little bit more happy.

books bought and received

Bought: 2


Giveaway: 2


book goal update

I’m up to 60 books, woohoo. But, I’m disappointed with my ahead of schedule number. Goddamn this reading slump! I’m off on holiday on Monday, and I hope I’ll get a whole lot of reading done.



personal update

I can’t really think of much else to say this month other than I GOT A CAR!!

WhatsApp Image 2017-08-25 at 17.45.11

This is my first ever car, and I got lots of funding from family members as a 21st birthday present (my birthday isn’t until November, though), so it hasn’t cost me too much.

I haven’t done much else this month, as I have two holidays coming up in September! So, other than the car, I’ve been saving my money. Not very exciting, I know.


that's a wrap

That’s all for this month ladies & gents! I hope you’ve all had a lovely August, here’s to an even better September!

16 Replies to “August 2017 wrap-up”

  1. Woo, awesome car! I love happy news like that. 🙂

    4 books might not be as many as you’d hope, but it’s still a number greater than zero. So that’s something! I’ve been having to talk myself out of my own reading slump, and so have been trying to look at the positives. Here’s hoping we both have a more productive September!

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  2. Congratulations on your first car. Its gorgeous. I got my first one too this year. Enjoy it.

    Your books all sound great so that is still a win. I really wanted to read Copy Cat but unfortunately couldn’t get the ARC. I will get a copy of the book though someday especially since you mentioned that it was great.

    Happy new month.

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  3. Awesome Wrap Up post! And congrats on the car!! What a cute vehicle! I really need to start thinking about eventually buying a car…I just hate thinking about spending money to buy one…ugh…ha-ha! I apparently really need to read “Copy Cat”. I’ve heard so many good things about i!

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