Mini-review: June Gloom by Greta Boris


2 stars


Laguna Beach, California, is drowning in June Gloom. The fog is so thick, tourists fade in and out of a brick courtyard of shops like ghostly apparitions. Regina, proprietor of She’s Got Baggage—Italian luggage, briefcases, and purses, is worried. Paula, the owner of the shop next door, shows up with a black eye one day. The next, she disappears into the effluvium.

long borrder


This was not what I was expecting it to be. It’s tag line is “a deadly short” so you would expect a mystery, thriller or even horror story, but that’s not what you get. It feels more like women’s fiction, which, if you know me by now, is not what I like reading.

I found this story slow moving (somehow, even though it was only around 20 pages) and full of tacky similes.

I enjoyed Greta Boris’ novel A Margin of Lust as it was fast paced and just an easy thriller read, hence why I signed up for her newsletter to get this one free, but it was a let-down!


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