Top Ten Tuesday: popular authors I’ve never read

TOP TEN TUESDAY - popular authors I've never read

So the wonderful people behind Top Ten Tuesday are taking a 7 WEEK BREAK and I’m like “um, what do I do on Tuesday’s now????” So I’ve just decided to go back through some of their old topics and keep my TTT posts going each week until they’re back with new stuff! (TTT is back on Aug 15!)

This week I went for a topic about authors, rather than books…

There are a million and one popular YA authors I could list for this one, but that’s cheating, as I never read YA… hehe. These are going to be a mix of really famous, “classic” authors and big names in the crime genre.

long borrder

Margaret atwood.png

I have yet to read any of Atwood’s work, even though we have loads of her books in the house and I’ve wanted to read her stuff for ages! The Handmaid’s Tale is a modern classic and I really want to read it!

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Arthur Conan Doyle.png

Even though I love crime and mystery fiction, reading the Sherlock series has never appealed to me. I might venture into it one day, I mean, I’m sure I’d love it!

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J. R. R. Tolkien.png

J. R. R. Tolkien is an author I do actually want to read but I haven’t got round to his stuff yet. I love the Peter Jackson movies so I can’t see why I wouldn’t like the books too, they’re just a little intimidating…

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Lee Child.png

Jack Reacher is totally not a character I would get on with and the whole spy / military police thing sounds like the worst thing ever for my tastes, so I will never likely read a Child novel.

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jane austen.png

OK, so I’m not sure this one counts? Because I read a few pages of P&P before putting it down because it was the lamest, dullest thing ever. Safe to say I will never read one of her books again… I think she’s so overrated and I’m mad as hell she’s getting her face on our new currency!

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agatha christie.png

I want to read pretty much all of Christie’s work. I’ve loved all her stuff that’s been adapted to the TV or movie screen. I’m not sure why I haven’t read something from her already, but I’ll get round to it someday.

long borrder

thomas harris.png

Most famously known for creating Hannibal Lector! Here is yet another author who I’ve wanted to read forever but still haven’t. I need to set some reading priorities!

long borrder

george r r martin.png

Nothing about the A Song of Ice and Fire series interests me, especially the part where a woman falls in love with her rapist, so I doubt I will ever read any of Martin’s books!

long borrder

george orwell (1).png

I actually have a Orwell book at home which I bought recently, so I will be reading something from him soon, but I haven’t done so yet because we were never made to as school… because, as we were girls, we had to read P&P and Wuthering Heights… 😒

long borrder

j k rowling.png

And last, but probably most contraversial… J. K. Rowling! Nope, I’ve never read even a page of the HP books, nor any of her adult fiction either… I’m not big on fantasy so I’ve never seen the appeal to read her stuff, and never will!

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So there we have it! These are the top ten famous & popular authors I’ve never read!

Some of these are probably super shocking to a lot of you… hehehe. What do you think about my list this week?

39 Replies to “Top Ten Tuesday: popular authors I’ve never read”

    1. I haven’t watched or read anything about Handmaid’s Tale but I’m super looking forward to reading it at some point 😛 and no, not even that. It’s a police procedural type series which I have no interest in either

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  1. Although I’ve read about half of the authors on your list, I too have not (and doubtful that I ever will) read anything by J.K. Rowling. I do have one of her books (the first one in her detective series, the title of which escapes me) and I MAY read that but that is likely the extent of it.

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  2. I can vouch for Orwell, Tolkien, Christie, and Doyle…they are all excellent, and actually some of my favorite authors. I’ve read some Atwood and it is entertaining, but I do think she is slightly overrated. I probably won’t read any Martin or Rowling, like you, I just don’t have interest in those books :/ Austen I’m so-so about, and I think P&P is one of her worst books. This is a great idea and I may be stealing it 😉

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    1. Thanks for your comment Maddie! I feel like everyone expects you to have read a Rowling book, but they’re just not my kind of book or genre! Even her crime series is police procedural, which is my least favourite of all types of crime books!!

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      1. The first three are quite short, the last four are pretty big but by the time I got to those I was so invested that I didn’t care how long they were. GOT on the other hand, they’re all huge!

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  3. I’m reading JK Rowling at the moment – I’d never read Harry Potter, it just never interested me, but for the 20th anniversary thought I’d read the entire series! I am almost finished the 5th book and am happy to admit I’m loving it! I very rarely read fantasy, or YA, so it is completely out of my usual genres but I would recommend never saying never!

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    1. I didn’t like the HP movies and every YA book I pick up I put down within 3 seconds so I really don’t think I could get on with her books. I have so much more I want to read that it feels pointless trying to force myself to read them tbh 🙂

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  4. I haven’t read anything by quite a few of these authors either. I spent half my teen years watching the Agatha Christie TV adaptions! They were brilliant! My mum has a few of the books- I don’t know why I haven’t picked any up but i’d love to! I haven’t read any Margaret Atwood of Arthur Conan Doyle either but i want to!

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  5. I’m always a bit shocked when someone says they haven’t read any JK Rowling. I think the general assumption is that everyone has but I do know a few people who haven’t or who tried and hated them so it’s fair enough.

    I tried a Sherlock story for the first time this year and actually really enjoyed it. It did take a weird turn midway through but I was amazed at the similarities between the original book and the recent Cumberbatch series. I really must carry on and read more.

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    1. I think that’s the general consensus when it comes to Rowling. Us non-readers are very rare as most people have read her stuff, even if it’s just one book!

      I have so much more I’d rather read over Sherlock right now and I was never interested in the TV show, so probably won’t pick it up any time soon!


  6. Funny what I read about Lee Child!! 😂😂😂 Because I am a total fan of Reacher!!! 👏👏🎉🎉 😜😜

    It’s fun that all of these are on my ‘want to read from’ list and some I’ve even get to!!

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