A twist you won’t see coming…

Hello, hello! Today I’m bringing you a post highlighting my newest pet peeve when it comes to books… repetitive taglines! Specifically a book that claims to have “a twist you won’t see coming”.

First of all, don’t tell me that I won’t see it coming, you arrogant books lol. Secondly, don’t tell me there is such a super amazing twist in the book!!! If I know there is one I’ll be trying to work it out so hard that I probably will see it coming!

If you type “a twist you won’t see coming” into Amazon, this is what comes up…


And this is just a few of them!

long borrder

I’m also pretty sick of seeing “how far would you go to…” type taglines, but these ones are harder to spot as they tend to be in the synopsis, not the title.

Are there any taglines in books that you’re tired of seeing? I’d love to know!


28 Replies to “A twist you won’t see coming…”

  1. I completely agree with you! If I know a book has a twist I’ll be looking out for it and it won’t have the same effect. Great post😊

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    1. Thanks!!
      I’m so sick of seeing the same kind of stuff in books, titles and covers included! There’s very little uniqueness is books at the moment. I find Bookouture is a big culprit in this. A lot of there crime thrillers seem like republished books under a different name haha

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  2. One the most annoying things for me is when, on release day, the cover has ‘His next best seller’. It rubs me the wrong way when they just assume it’s going to be a best seller. I make a point of not buying presumptious works unless I’m desperate.

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  3. This drives me bonkers! I find it is usually the British publications where I see the the most; I’m in Canada so I see the American and the British versions often and work with both kinds of publishers and, I would say, 5/7 titles have a tagline like that!!

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  4. I am the complete opposite if I see “A twist you want see coming” it gets me intrigued and I want to read it but I can also understand why it can be annoying especially if you have read a lot of those books and you were able to figure it out immediately or if it was all just a big let down.

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    1. I think because I basically only read thrillers it really gets on my nerves, but for a non-thriller reader like you it’s probably a great selling point! I suppose most readers aren’t like us, who read & read & read so a tagline like that probably pique their interest πŸ™‚

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  5. It’s so annoying and puts me off. It’s definitely Bookature who seems to be the biggest culprit. In fact I’ve noticed that some titles won’t come up on Goodreads unless you type that tagline in there when searching. I must admit I was blown away by a book with a ‘breath taking twist you won’t see coming” when I read ‘A Mother’s Confession’ by Kelly Rimmer I was gob-smacked! It does work sometimes.

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  6. You arrogant books πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ so true though! I don’t want to know it’s coming!!! I will spend my whole time tying to pick apart the smallest things trying to figure it out and then I’m almost always disappointed!

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  7. “A twist you won’t see coming” is usually pretty ironic when most of the twists have been used time and time again! So, no, it’s a twist we WILL see coming!

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