How do you update your reading progress?

BOOKISH BIT BANNER - How do you update your reading progress-

I was going through my reviews on Goodreads this past week and noticed that I really don’t stick to one specific way of updating my progress on the book(s) I’m currently reading.

For example, I recently read Gather the Daughters by Jennie Melamed and basically updated my progress every 20 pages!

gather progress

But then, going back to another recently read book, Three Days and a Life by Pierre Lemaitre, and I hardly updated it at all!

three dys progrss

Is it because I managed to read it in a shorter amount of time? Did I have less to say? Or am I just forgetful? I even mentioned on my progress for The Student by Iain Ryan that I always forget to do updates…

student progress

… but if that were true, why did I update for Gather so much?

short borrder

When I scroll through Goodreads, I tend to skim over people’s reading progress updates, unless it’s a book I really love or really want to read, then I might give it a like. But personally, I don’t usually care how a person is getting on with a book. I like the end result, the review that comes out the other end of it.

I’m thinking that maybe the progress updates are more for me? For my own personal enjoyment to voice my opinions before I write and publish the full review. I guess sometimes I just like talking about my life and the book more than at other times…

long borrder

How do you guys update your reading progress on Goodreads?

Do you do it all the time or not at all and do you think it’s important or annoying? I’d love to get some of your opinions on it!

40 Replies to “How do you update your reading progress?”

  1. I don’t have Goodreads anymore, but when I used to, I usually just updated every night. During the summer, that wasn’t very much because I usually read books in a day, but during the school year, I did update! It doesn’t take me long to finish a book though, and I usually only really had a couple of updates if I kept up with my reading! 😀

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  2. I usually try to update the books I’ve been reading every day before I go to sleep. Lately, since I started ARC’s, that’s just not an option anymore since those e-books often don’t have numbered pages on my Kindle, haha.
    Sometimes I just don’t update for a while, or only when I stumble across something that made me think and want to share those thoughts on my Goodreads. – Which comes in handy if I don’t have my notebook with me.

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    1. I hate that ebooks don’t have page numbers. I always update my ebooks by percentage on Goodreads now!
      I feel like sometimes I update too much and sometimes too little. Maybe I should just do it before bed like everyone else seems to do… but then I feel like I may forget to! 😛

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      1. Maybe you forget it at first, but after a while it’ll just become a habit. [And you can laugh with yourself if you’ve had a whole day of reading and didn’t know what book to read so just started three different ones on the same day.]

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  3. My Goodreads updating is non existent!😂 I add the book as currently reading and then update it after I’ve finished with review to come. But, generally I forget to bother, only very rarely, I’m doing a buddy read at the moment so I’m having to try and remember to update!😂

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  4. I usually just update my reading progress whenever I start or finish a book. Occasionally I’ll update somewhere in the middle if it’s taking me a particularly long time to read it or if it’s just a really long novel. I really want to start using Goodreads more often because I feel like I tend to use it more as a record-keeping tool rather than a social media platform. There’s so much potential there!
    Great post! 🙂

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  5. I update my reading progress at the end of the day just before I go to bed. I definitely think updating my reading progress is just for me, I like to see how much I’ve read as a percentage. But, yeah, unless it’s a book I’ve already read and really like, I prefer to wait for people’s reviews, that’s also why I hardly ever put a comment in my updates (that and laziness).

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  6. If I’m being honest, I only really update my progress the odd time I remember 🙈🙈. I’m like you with other people too- if it’s a book I really love I’ll read the update, but other than that I’m not too bothered.

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      1. I’m really bad at remembering to actually like updates, I usually just scroll past then feel bad 🙈🙈

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  7. I update when I remember! In all honesty, some times I even forget to put on books that I am reading or have read and don’t talk about reviews…they are always posted if/when I remember.

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      1. EXACTLY!! I had a pm on Goodreads earlier and thought while I was there I would update what I’d finished and it, another book I’m nearly finished and an audio book nearly finished weren’t on the TBR lol

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  8. Since I read so fast, I know that my friends get frequent updates from my books anyways, so I try not to spam them by putting in frequent updates. I typically don’t post anything until the end. But every once in a while, I will comment if I’m putting a book away because I can’t get into it for some reason, but I’m planning on giving it another chance later.

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  9. I really enjoyed this post! I mostly use goodreads to track when I finish books and for my yearly goal, but if I am super into a book I will do updates throughout on how I am feeling!

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  10. I’m really new to GoodReads and have only just set up an account, so it’s been hard for me to remember to add the book to my Currently Reading shelf, let alone update my reading progress regularly! I think in the future, I’d like to get more into this though, because it’s a nice way of connecting with readers and making notes on books (which I can use later on in my reviews).

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