2017 Reading Challenge – how it’s going so far

2017 reading challenge

So, we’ve crossed the halfway point of 2017 (July 2nd) and I wanted to do a little update on how I’m doing on my Goodreads Reading Challenge… I guess this blog post is more for myself than for you guys, as no one has expressed an interest in how I’m doing, but hey, you might end up enjoying seeing my progress!

short borrder

2017 reading challenge 2.PNG

This year, I set myself a goal of 90 books. This equates to 1.7 books read a week and I’ve been doing well on that so far! Last year, I set my first ever reading goal to 52 books – 1 book a week – and no one (friends & family) thought I was gonna be able to do it, (they weren’t being negative, it’s just that I was only just starting out reading on a more serious level last year). But then, I managed to read 96! So for this years challenge I set my goal higher to try and match my reading from last year, and I’m on track!

So far this year I’ve read 51 books, which feels like so little in comparison to some of the bloggers I follow, but I’m happy(ish) with my count so far. I’d really like to hit 100 books read this year so I’m going to need to quicken my pace a little!

short borrder

all books read this year box.png

These are all the books I’ve read this year so far, and they are in the order in which I’ve read them too! Honestly, there are a couple of short stories in here, that probably shouldn’t count, most of them are over 30 pages, some are closer to 60/70 pages but some are only 20 pages.

Really, I should remove these short stories (there’s 5 of them) but I’m not going to because they make my progress look better 😂 I’ve actually read LOADS of short stories this year but have removed most of them from my challenge, only keeping the ones with more pages or that I have really enjoyed.

At the end of the year I might do a whole post dedicated to all the short stories I’ve read this year! I’m sure if you added them all up, I’d get a couple of full length books out of them!

short borrder

To summarise on my reading so far…

5 stars = 9 books

4 stars = 21 books

3 stars = 18 books

2 stars = 3 books

1 star = 0 books

My choice of books has been pretty successful this year! I have noticed I’m giving a lot more books 3 stars in comparison to last year, however, and I think this is because I’ve got more experience and knowledge on books, so a lot more aren’t living up to my expectations.

long borrder

So, there you have it. That’s my reading challenge progress of 2017 so far!

How are you all getting on with your reading challenges?

31 Replies to “2017 Reading Challenge – how it’s going so far”

  1. This is such amazing progress!! In high school I used to read around 100 books every year, but that just isn’t possible for me anymore with my busy schedule from work and college. So far I’ve read 33 books this year which I’m really pleased with considering my goal was only 24.

    Great post!! 🙂

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  2. I’m at 56 at the moment (how I do not know!)… I set my goal low coz I didn’t know how much reading I was going to be able to do this year. My original goal was 40 which I upped to 60. But I may have to up it again!

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  3. Don’t worry about the others. A lot of them count novellas and dnfs, some even count short stories and picture books. Also, many of the speed readers miss the point of the story and can’t remember details. I am sure that is not how the authors intend for their books to be read. Ha ha. One to two books a week is s great pace. 🙂

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