Thursdays: short story review


Hello everyone! I’m here with this weeks Thursday post and mini review. This weeks story was quite melancholy, but beautifully written.

Interested in joining in? See below for what to do to be a part of it!


  • On Thursday, I will pick a short story from for us to all read…
  • The next Thursday, we will all review the story that was picked the previous week…
  • The review can be in depth or short and snappy! There are no boundaries on how you want to review the story…
  • After my own personal review of that weeks story, I will post the next story to read for next week…
  • And on and on it goes…
  • Please remember to tag back to my post (pingback!!) if you join in on this meme, that way I can read all your reviews!



3 stars


This one was a strange read. It didn’t have much of a storyline to it, but I still felt melancholic after reading it.

This story is reminiscent of going through something shocking and coming out the other side of it lost and alone. I like it but it was very sad and made me feel lonely.

Sad, slightly creepy and slow moving, this one is definitely not something you want to pick up after a traumatic event.

long borrder

NEXT WEEK’S TOR.COM STORY IS: The Story of Kao Yu by Peter S. Beagle


“The Story of Kao Yu” is a new fantasy short story by the legendary Peter S. Beagle which tells of an aging judge traveling through rural China and of a criminal he encounters.

9 Replies to “ Thursdays: short story review”

  1. Ooo I might give this a miss if it made you feel sad and lonely. I’m quite an emotional person and this sounds like something that would affect me quite badly! Still, the cover is very pretty!

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  2. I really love this idea and didn’t even know about until now! Would I be okay to just join in on reading them for now? Then join in with the review part next month maybe? I’m just not sure if I’d have the time to commit to it at the moment that’s all!

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    1. Unfortunately, I’m stopping doing these soon because I’ve got a new job and my hours are longer and I find these posts take a bit of time for me! Thank you so much for showing interest though and definitely check out when you can! 🙂


      1. Yes, maybe! I often find that don’t upload enough new fiction as well though, so you really have to delve back into their site – I think that takes a lot of my time! If you wanted to join, a helping hand in the stories to read each week might be good! 🙂


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