BookBum is getting a refurb… again

Hi guys! I just wanted to pre-warn you that I’m changing up all my graphics AGAIN, so my blog is going to look a bit of a mess for a while! Please bear with me 😄

Pssst, didn’t I just say I always want to change my blog look in my Blogging Confessions post?

7 Replies to “BookBum is getting a refurb… again”

  1. I totally get the desire to keep changing the look of your blog! I am the same way, never completely satisfied with it. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve changed the entire look of my blog and it’s currently still under construction from the last refurb. It’s such a hastle to change all the featured pictures of past blog posts but there is no other choiche. Living with different featured images is not an option. I feel your pain! 😂

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