The “I Messed Up” book tag



Thanks so much to The Orangutan Librarian for tagging me in this tag post (a hell of a long time ago!!)

I had trouble coming up with answers for a few of these, but I like it when tags frazzle your brain a bit lol.

long borrder

A character appearance that you misread or imagined differently.

Image result for claire danes romeo and juliet

Never in a million years would I have imagined Claire Danes as Juliet ???


A character name that you’ve been pronouncing wrong.

I can’t think of anything for this. There are several names I get wrong because if they’re long and confusing, I just go with something easy to call them in my head.

Image result for the roanoke girls

A book name I was pronouncing wrong for ages was The Roanoke Girls… I was reading it as The Ra-No-Kay Girls until I really looked at the title and realised I’d been pronouncing it wrong for about 4 months.


An overused trope that is your guilty pleasure.

Small town with a whole load of secrets. I’m not sure if this counts, but I know it’s seriously overused in books at the moment, but I love it! No guilt either!


A cliché character type that you like better on screen than reading about.

Related image

The buff jock character. I probably would have hated Jenko if I read about him in a book, but he was a fun character in the film! (I haven’t seen the TV series).


A word/phrase you learned because of its use in a book.

Nepotism – I have no idea what book it would have been from but one day I just knew what it meant, so it must have been from a book!


Have you ever not read or completed a required-reading book for school?

Image result for pride and prejudice book cover

Hell yeah!! I got 50 pages into Pride & Prejudice and then gave up, still got a B in my exam though.


Have you ever skipped (or wanted to) a chapter from the point of view of a character you weren’t interested in?

Image result for the girl before book cover

Yes, I’ve done that many times. I remember when I was reading The Girl Before earlier this year, I skim read a couple of chapters of both Jane & Emma… this was probably due to not really enjoying the book though…


Have you ever cancelled social plans to read a book?

No, I just never have any social plans!

long borrder

I tag… (no pressure)

Bionic Book Worm // This Mom Reads // Jenna @Bookmark Your Thoughts (I know you’re gone for a little while but it might be something fun to come back to! // Stephanie @Stephanie’s Novel Fiction

Thanks again to The Orangutan Librarian for tagging me in this difficult-ish book tag!

29 Replies to “The “I Messed Up” book tag”

  1. This is such a funny tag!! The small town trope is definitely one of my faves as well, even though I’ve read a million books with it. Maybe it’s because I come from a small town, too? 🙂

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    1. Because I read lots of ‘realistic’ fiction, most names are simple, like Sarah or Tom but you can sometimes get really confusing names! I just make up how I think they sound in my head and go with that for the rest of the book haha


  2. Omg, Zuky!! I just realized you tagged me in this! I feel dumb! I’ve only been checking my blog this week to answer comments and then read other blogs as I felt up to it since I’m on hiatus from my blog for having surgery this week. I’m still not sure how I missed it!! I will definitely get to it as soon as I can! I’m about 8 book reviews behind and have 5 tags to do to but will work my way through them eventually 😊 I just wanted you to know I say it though ❤

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      1. Thanks!! 😊I’m feeling better every day, just trying not to over do it because then I’ll be back to square one, lol. It’s a 2 to 3 week recovery but I can do more each day as long as I don’t push it except drive and lift more than 5 lbs until the Dr clears me 😕 It looks like I only have 5 tags to catch up on so I guess not too bad. I’ve got 3 ARCs to review, 1 by next Tuesday the other not until July 25th, so I do have slack. I’ve read 6 other books that I bought, so I’m debating whether to stress and review them all, review my favorites of the 6, or do a mixture of full reviews and mini reviews to quickly clear the backlog. I just know with recovering and having my 3 kids home on summer break to spend time with, I don’t want to spend an outrageous amount of time playing catch up the next few weeks!!

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      2. Glad to hear it and yeah, just do what you feel comfortable doing with your reviews! A lot of bloggers bulk read and then upload a post with 3x mini review in them to get the review up! It all depends on how you like to do things and how much time you have! 🙂

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      3. I’ve sorta introduced mini reviews as a feature although I’ve only written 2 mini review posts even though my plan was to make it a biweekly thing but I got sick then had surgery. I wrote my first one to play catch up in May for a couple of books and the 2nd was to review 2 books that I thought were 3 star, so I wasn’t writing a full review. Which is what I plan to do with any book 3 star or lower…right now I have 2 in my backlog pile that are 3 star reviews and already getting mini reviews! I think I’ll probably do mini reviews with the some books on my TBR list too but just make sure people know it’s because I’m catching up. Thanks for the advice!! My blog is 2 months old tomorrow, which is crazy, so I’m still trying to find my groove, lol. And what works best. Running a blog is like running a small city, 😊


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