Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned… my blogging confessional



I saw Mikaela post a confession post and I thought it was a great idea so I’m being a copy cat today. Thanks for the inspo Mikaela!

In this post, I’m going to talk about all my bookish and blogging confessions.

P.S. I’m sorry if my title is offensive to any Catholics… not my intention!!


long borrder

ALL my blog posts are pre-scheduled

Unlike Mikaela, I completely rely on the schedule function on WP. I work a 9 – 5 job, soon to be a 9 – 6 job, so I have to schedule my posts so they go out during the day, and not in the evening.

I think the schedule function is excellent. I find that my posts go out just as I’d like them to, if only a couple of minutes late sometimes. If you have a busy schedule like me, scheduling your posts will be a life saver for you. I used to manually post my blogs when I wanted them to go out and it was such a drag, this whole automated process is fab!


short borrder

I blog for me and I post what I want

Yes, I’m selfish. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my followers and I love talking to you all, but ultimately, I blog for me. If I was blogging for you guys, this whole thing would feel like a chore, like another job… no thanks!

I have a daily schedule for my blog and add other blog posts here and there. I don’t particularly take note of what posts do the best and which ones do the worst. If I write a whole post out, I’m proud of it, and I want to post that on my little corner of the internet.


short borrder

I’m super insecure about how much reading I get done

Before I became a blogger I thought my reading level was pretty good, but ever since joining the community, I’m super insecure about the amount of books I read. Reading 8 books a week, like some bloggers, is the dream.

I have a busy day, every day, as already mentioned, so I get such a little time to read, but it feels like I’m still really lacking! This is probably so ridiculous to some of you but I feel like an insufficient book blogger when I only get 1 book read a week!


short borrder

ARC envy is real

I think most bloggers get arc envy, to be honest. I’m not trying to be ungrateful, because in the recent months I’ve received around 16 ARC books, but that’s through a hell of a lot of emails to publishers.

What I’m envious of is those people that just get sent books, no requesting required. Like pls!!! Notice me senpai!!!


short borrder

I contemplate changing the look of my blog at least once a week

I’m so indecisive with the theme / look of my blog. Using Canva has made my life so much easier when it comes to updating my blog banners, but I still want to change the patterns and the font. And then some days I want to scrap it all and change the banners entirely… AGH.

I’ve been blogging for 6 months and I’ve changed my look 3 times… but, with blogs like Bridget’s out there, with THE CUTEST LOOKS / THEMES EVER, my blog feels so inadequate.


short borrder

I probably won’t follow you back if you haven’t posted a book review in the past two weeks

I don’t follow everyone back as it is, but if you haven’t posted a book review in a good couple of weeks, there’s a very VERY slim chance I will follow you.

I get super excited by new book blogger followers because oo!! A new blog to explore and share reviews and thoughts with, but if you’ve literally only posted Top Ten Tuesday posts over the past month, I will immediately bounce off your blog.

I’m not out here expecting you to post daily and have a blog as super stuffed full of fantastic reviews like Sam and Janel, but I need to see evidence that you’re actively posting engaging stuff to want to have you appear on my feed.


short borrder

I also probably won’t follow you back if you’re a YA only blogger

If you have found your bookish joy in YA books – you go!! I’m so happy you have found something you love, keeping doing you. But, for me, YA is the enemy when it comes to my own reading.

If all your posts revolve around YA, no offence, but I’m not that interested…

Don’t get me wrong, I do follow quite a few YA blogs on here, because I LOVE the bloggers! And you might be thinking “but how can you get to know YA bloggers if you don’t like YA blogs?” and the answer is, I don’t know, it just happens sometimes!


long borrder

So there you have it, these are some of my blogging confessions.

What are some of your own blogging confessions? I’d love to hear all about them 😁

42 Replies to “Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned… my blogging confessional”

  1. ALL of my posts are scheduled in advance, too! I’ve been doing it that way for years and it just makes this so much easier. You never have to worry about forgetting to post or not having written something in time…. it’s the best! 🙂

    I also feel like my blog design needs an update, but I’m not quite sure what to update it to…. the struggle is so real! 🙂

    Great post! ❤

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  2. 😂😂 @ “YA is the enemy when it comes to my own reading” – but I’m the same, but I keep trying to love YA but it just won’t love me back, although there have been one or two I liked, if a blogger reviews only YA, I’m very unlikely to follow but I do follow one or two just so I know what’s going on in the YA world. Random question (and I’m thinking about CL Taylor): if an author writes adult thrillers, then branches into the world of YA thrillers, would you read that? Or is it absolutely no YA lol!

    And hell yes to scheduled posts, my blog wouldn’t exist without them!

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    1. I have tried so many times with YA but I can never get into it!
      Maybe I would give it a try if they went into YA thrillers but I did try One of Us Is Lying the other day and DNF’d it. It probably depends on who the author is haha ☺️

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  3. Ah, totally feel you about that ARC envy. It’s so real; I can’t help myself. And I am super insecure in my reading too! Since I’ve been in a slump for so many months, I haven’t been reading as well as I usually do, but now that I’ve come back, I’m hoping it works out better!

    Ooh, I actually don’t mind if someone doesn’t post book reviews! I think if I go to someone’s blog and see they only post four memes a week and a couple of tags, I probably won’t follow. That gets boring to me!

    I wonder how I’m doing with my YA/Adult mix! 😂 I want to think I’m giving equal time to both when I talk about anticipated book releases and when I review! I like to think of my discussions and Let’s Chats as universal no matter what you read, though the YA community has some drama that’s just not in any other community.

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    1. Ah it’s good you’re out of your slump now!!
      I like seeing reviews on blogs because they can help me find some new books to read, I find if the book blog doesnt have any reviews then it’s not really a book blog??? Idk, but that’s just how it comes across to me haha

      I think your blog has a good mix of everything! 😀

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  4. I schedule all of my posts as well!! I run two businesses, have two kids, and a husband – my life is crazy! So I take a day and write for the whole week. Makes life easier! And I agree 100% that you need to blog for yourself! When I first started I would do things I thought people would want to read and it was not nearly as successful as when I was true to myself!

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    1. Damn, your life does sound crazy! It’s great that you can keep up with blogging and running your own businesses though – great multitasking!!

      Yeah, I only do the blog posts that I like to do now, there’s not point, in my mind, to blog for other people. It’s supposed to be a hobby 🙂

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  5. Omg thank you so much for linking to my blog I’m screaming?!!!!!

    Yes, scheduling posts is a literal MUST for me! I’ve scheduled a crap ton of blog prompts for next month which means I am REQUIRED to work on them or else have an unfinished post publish. It puts the fire under my butt to finish posts lol plus like you I also have a 9 to 5 job and can’t keep getting on WP to publish my posts. Scheduling just makes my life soooo much easier ❤️❤️❤️

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    1. Haha, no problem!!
      Yeah, I can’t spend my time on WP at work writing or posting things, unless it’s my lunch break haha, but it’s so much easier to just write it and schedule it and let it do everything automatically 😀

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  6. This was brilliant, Zuky. A lot of your confessions hit very close to home. I totally get what you mean about reading pressure. If I’m not reading a certain amount of books a week, I feel so guilty like I’ve done something wrong. XD Wonderful post!!

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  7. I’ve just started scheduling posts since it’s on vacation, and I LOVE it! I was scared to do it at first, because what if it didn’t publish/published at the wrong time??? Plus the timezones are always changing for me (idk why). BUT IT WORKS AWESOME and I probably will schedule in the future.

    And same! These bloggers go reading 20 books month and I’m like HOOOOW. For me, it’s not so much as being busy but being a slow reader. 😥 I’m trying to get faster but it’s not working. :’)

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  8. I schedule all my posts in advance too!! I’ve been doing it since I first started blogging and it honestly saves my life XD

    And I feel you with the whole changing the look of your blog! I remember when I did a spring cleaning thing where I changed the look of my entire blog completely and I was so happy with it! But then a week later I was like ALRIGHT THEN HOW ABOUT WE CHANGE IT AGAIN 😂

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  9. I’m with you on the YA blogs. I’m pretty new here, so I’m not following all that many people, but it seems to me that most of them ONLY post YA. I like YA sometimes, but it’s not even close to my favorite, so it’s all getting a little like white noise to me.

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  10. More or less the same 🙂 I also schedule my posts…ALWAYS. But reading 1 book per week is great! The issue would be if you didn’t at least read 1 every month 😛 (Ive seen bookstagrammers who read very few books). I agree with the YA thing, I follow some and I love them, but I don’t do it anymore, if it’s only YA/fantasy

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  11. What a great post! Whenever I do blog which lately is rarely, I schedule my posts. It’s a great way to get posts out whether I’m busy or not. Haha! I would probably be classified as a YA blogger. It’s more of my age range but that’s only because of the age gap between myself and most bloggers. I totally get it though. YA blogs are probably not the most interesting.

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