June 2017 wrap-up

books ive read this month

I’m a bit bummed out that I only managed to read another 7 books this month… but there has been a lot going on in my life (as you’ll find out in the personal section below!)


2 stars
Between You and Me by Lisa Hall

3 stars
A Margin of Lust by Greta Boris
I Know My Name by C J Cooke

4 stars
Fierce Kingdom by Gin Phillips
The Mayfly by James Hazel
The Fourth Monkey by J D Barker
Three Days and a Life by Pierre Lemaitre


fave book of the month


Fierce Kingdom was by far my favourite book this month! So, so, soooo close to being a 5 star read but there was just a little frustration for me with the ending, but other than that, it was superb!


books bought and received

Bought: 7

ARCS: 10


book goal update

book goalMy “ahead of schedule” number is gradually decreasing. I hope I never get behind with my books!

I’ve read 48 books so far this year, not great, but I’ve had a few months this year where my passion to read has kind of been dampened down.


personal update

This month has been a busy one for me!

First things first, I got a new job! I’ve been at my current place for 2 years and decided I wanted a change so applied for a couple of jobs, got a couple of interviews and then ended up receiving a job offer from the first one I applied to! I currently work in the tech industry, and the boring part, to do with databases, not fancy new stuff. My new job is a move over to retail, which I’m SO happy about! I’m going to be working for a company who design and sell wedding dresses all across the UK! It’s definitely going to be something completely new for me, but I’m really looking forward the opportunity.

The new job comes with a pay rise, is closer to home and gives me more holiday days! The only downside is my days are going from 9 – 5, to 9 – 6, but I’m honestly not that fussed, it just means my reading time is really going to take a hit.


unnamed (2).jpg

Secondly, me and my lovely boyfriend celebrated 4 years together by going down to Kent and spending a long weekend camping and exploring.

unnamed (3).jpg

This is a view from the campsite:


and here is some of the incredible food we had (yes, I took pics of my food, no I didn’t put them on IG or Facebook):



that's a wrap

That’s all for this month ladies & gents! I hope you’ve all had a lovely June and here’s to an even better July!

32 Replies to “June 2017 wrap-up”

  1. Yep, as everyone else has said, 7 books is impressive! I know how work and life gets in the way of reading sometimes, but it’s all about getting the right balance I guess! You still amaze me by the speed you read, I’m sure you’ve got a computer brain 😂 Congrats on the new job! 🎊👏🎉 And also your 4 year anniversary, such a cute couple 💑 Have a great weekend 🍷Cheers 😀 (I’m celebrating as I start a new job in a weeks time too, back to college for me, at 43! I ain’t gonna lie, my brain will be in meltdown, copious amounts of wine needed right now😉)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment Lisa! Haha I have a normal human brain, I promise 🙃
      Have a lovely weekend yourself! Congrats on the new job and it’s great you’re going back to school! I think it’s something I’ll do when I get a bit older (not right now tho, just feels like I left school!!)


  2. Let me know about The farm, heard some mixed reviews about that one. COngrats again on the new job ❤ I need to tell you news about my job too haha Not so exciting though! And btw I love your glasses, I want them!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I understand why you’re bummed about “only” reading 7 books because I’d be too but it’s still great! 😊

    Congratulations on the new job, it sounds so lovely (apart from the working hours maybe haha). And congrats on your 4 year anniversary! You two look super cute together 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. You are like the only person to complain that 7 books in one month is small LOL! 7 books is awesome – tho I understand your determination to keep well ahead of your reading challenge!

    I need to pick up my reading but this past weekend my reading has dropped to reading like 5 pages a day, which is sad because I’m currently house-sitting at my sister’s while she’s out of town and I thought I’d have all the time in world to read and blog, but instead I’m cleaning her house because she is SO MESSY and it grosses me out lol, but next week when I’m back home hopefully my reading will jump up.

    Also, congrats on 4 years! My manfriend and I celebrated 4 years in May! 😛

    And congrats on your new job! Honestly I’m thinking of looking for a new job next year because my pay is just so low, but that’s what I get for working for a nonprofit I guess xD

    And those fries look delicious omg gimmeee!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahah, so I’ve been told, but yeah. I just wanna be so ahead of my reading this year, especially going into this new job when I’ll have less time!!

      Haha, I always find that happens – when you think you’ll have all the time in the world to read, you end up with no time at all! 😛

      Thankies, congrats to your two too ❤

      And thanks again!! I'm really looking forward to start work in retail, it's been an industry I've wanted to work in since leaving school (although publishing is my main goal!!). It's great you work in non-profit! I would love to work in that industry too, but there is nothing close by to where I am, and as you say, they don't pay so well, so I wouldn't have enough money to travel and live every day lol

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