Sunday Summary | 4th – 11th June


Read this week

I’m actually impressed with myself this week, I hadn’t realised I’d read 3 books – I’m usually a 2 books-a-week kinda girl.

The Mayfly by James Hazel was a win from Reader’s First and was very enjoyable. My review is going to be up tomorrow.

A Margin of Lust by Greta Boris was a very silly, trashy thriller. It was an average book, my review will be up on publication day.

Between You and Me by Lisa Hall was a buddy read with good pal Janel @ Keeper of Pages. We both thought this book was bogus lol. Janel’s review is here, my review is here.

Currently reading

I’m currently reading two books (as always)…

I started Univeral Harvester by John Darnielle this week but I haven’t got very far with it. It’s taken a back bench to some of my other reads this week, Netgalley ones that I wanted / needed to read before publication. I’m kind of liking this one?? I think??

I’m also reading I Know My Name by C J Cooke which I’m really enjoying! I thought I was going to like it, but not as much as I am already. I did just finish a chapter that was a bit of a cliche, but other than that, it’s all good.

Books bought or received this week

Both of these books were received this week. Best Day Ever by Kaira Rouda from Netgalley, Three Days and a Life by Pierre Lemaitre from BookBridgr.

Blog posts this week

These are some of my blog posts from this week!

I also picked a winner for my 500 follower giveaway! Well done again to Jackie @ Too Much of a Book Nerd.


These are the photo’s I’ve posted on my IG this week. Follow me @zukythebookbum!

The garden is in full bloom at the moment so I’ve been taking advantage of all the lovely flowers for my backdrops 😌

That’s all for this week ladies and gents! I hope you’ve all had a great week, here’s to the next! xo

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