Friday Finds | 26th – 2nd June


I’m really excited about all the books I added to my TBR this week. It feels like a really well selected bunch!

by Pierre Lemaitre

Synopsis: For Commandant Verhoeven life is beautiful: he is happily married, expecting his first child with the lovely Irène.

But his blissful existence is punctured by a murder of unprecedented savagery. Worse still, the press seem to have it in for him – his every move is headline news. When he discovers that the killer has killed before – that each murder is a homage to a classic crime novel – the fourth estate are quick to coin a nickname… The Novelist…

With both men in the public eye, the case develops into a personal duel, each hell-bent on outsmarting the other. There can only be one winner – whoever has the least to lose…

This book comes with super high praise from my good bookish friend Matxi! Other than the whole Jane Austen thing, me and Matxi generally see eye-to-eye so I’m trusting this one will be excellent.


The Student 
by Iain Ryan

Synopsis:  Do bad people look like good people, like friends and brothers and boyfriends and students, until they have their hands around your throat? All of these men standing around me, drinks in hand, backs to this screen… smiling, laughing, flirting, and they look harmless. But any one of them could be something else now: rapist, murderer, spree shooter, torturer, paedophile. I try to picture them sprayed with blood and gore and it’s easy. I can do it, mentally. All of these guys could be him because all of these guys were just like him, right up until he…

Gatton, Queensland. 1994. Nate is a student, dealing weed on the side. A girl called Maya Kibby is dead. No one knows who killed her. Nate needs to refresh his supply, but Jesse, his friend and dealer, is missing. Nate is high. He is alone. Being hunted for the suitcase he’s found and haunted by its contents. And as things turn from bad to worse, Nate uncovers far more than he bargained for.

I saw this as a Read Now on Netgalley and I’m trying to be good and not request anything on NG for a while, until my list is sufficiently lower in number, but the cover for this one drew me in and then I read that first paragraph of the synopsis and it gave me chills… so I added it to my stupid long NG list. IT’s not a particularly long book though, and I kind of love Australian fiction! I haven’t read any, but I always love their films!


by Stephen Graham Jones

Synopsis: He was born an outsider, like the rest of his family. Poor yet resilient, he lives in the shadows with his Aunt Libby and Uncle Darren, folk who stubbornly make their way in a society that does not understand or want them. They are mongrels, mixedblood, neither this nor that. The boy at the center of Mongrels must decide if he belongs on the road with his aunt and uncle, or if he fits with the people on the other side of the tracks.

For ten years, he and his family have lived a life of late-night exits and close calls—always on the move across the South to stay one step ahead of the law. But the time is drawing near when Darren and Libby will know if their nephew is like them or not. And the close calls they’ve been running from for so long are catching up fast, now. Everything is about to change.

I read this authors work for my Thursday short story this week, and I loved it so naturally I had to look more into him and I found out he had full length novels. I didn’t go mad and add them all, just this one, but it’s sounds good and I love the cover!

So there you have it, those were the books I added to my TBR this week!

Have you guys read any of these books / want to read any of these books? I’d love to hear what you think!

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14 Replies to “Friday Finds | 26th – 2nd June”

      1. After buying a car on Wednesday, my ban isn’t optional, it’s mandatory, there physically isn’t any money left 😂
        Now after dreading your NG finds post, I’m looking forward to it as it may be my only source of new books for a while.
        And I’m ready to start our buddy read when you are!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh well that’s fair enough. I need that kind of thing to stop me from buying books. Although I do want to buy a car so maybe we’ll be in the same boat soon!
        Ok! I have two books on the go right now, when I finish my kindle read I’ll let you know so we can start it! (What was it called again 😂)

        Liked by 1 person

  1. I already had Irene on my TBR because Crime By the Book has said good things about it! 😄 I was interested in The Student, too, but I have way too many NG books, so it’d be ridiculous to get it. 😂

    Liked by 2 people

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