May 2017 wrap-up


I had a bit of a crappy reading month in May. I was in a bit of a slump for over half of it, so I didn’t get particularly far through my not-very-strict May TBR, only reading 7 books. All of them were 3 stars or above though!

3 stars
The Wolfe Experiment by R W Adams
Be My Killer by Richard Parker

4 stars
The Perfect Stranger by Megan Miranda
The Long Drop by Denise Mina
Last Breath (Detective Erika Foster #4) by Robert Bryndza
Blood Moon by John David Bethel
The Binding Song by Elodie Harper



My favourite book this month was The Long Drop by Denise Mina, which I thought was menacing and enthralling, even though it was reasonably slow. I loved it!



Bought: 8

ARCS: 14



book goal
I went through my “read” books for this year and noticed that quite a few short stories were still on the list and counting towards my reading challenge, so I’ve gone in and removed a few, which is why last month it said I had read 38 books and now it says I’ve read 41 book, even though you can see above that I read 7 books this month… so yes, the maths doesn’t add up but that’s because I’ve had a clear out.


I’ve finally booked a “summer” holiday!! After panic, panic, panic that me and Matt weren’t going to be able to book anywhere, we’ve finally booked a week long stay in Malta, in early September. I’ve never been to Malta before but I’ve wanted to go since I was young, so I can’t wait! Below is the fancy looking hotel we booked (it was cheaper than you’d think!)

Ramla Bay Resort, Mellieha, Malta


I suppose this is a blog update, rather than a personal update, but (if you can’t already tell) I’m having a little design revamp on my blog. I’ve finally got the hang of Canva and so I’m creating new graphics for everything and I’m going to go through all my old stuff and updating it so it all matches and looks pretty.

Also, I reached 500 followers on my blog, which is astonishing! I’m hosting a giveaway to show my thanks, you can find that post here!



That’s all for this month my lovely fellow bloggers. I hope May has treated you well and here’s to a great June!

35 Replies to “May 2017 wrap-up”

    1. I’m so glad to hear that, I’m really looking forward to it! Our hotel is a bit out of the way (we have to get a bus into the town bit) but it has it’s own private beach and looks so lovely, so I’m sure we won’t mind chilling out there most of the time 😀 I’m just looking forward to the tan 😛

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      1. Aw that will be lovely!! Me and Matt are off for weekend for our anniversary soon too haha, we haven’t decided where yet tho. The Lakes will be beautiful, especially if this weather keeps up 😋

        Liked by 1 person

      2. There are so many nice places to go for weekends! Chester and York are beautiful up North! I really hope the weather stays like this! Even if it is cloudy but warm! I’m sure there will be lots to do in the rain though seen as it is England 😂

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      3. We’re down South so who knows about the weather but we want to go to Kent probably. You’re right tho, there must be lots of inside stuff to do / we’re British, we’ll hack the train if we need to 😂


      1. Being a redhead I don’t do good with heat so my travel is usually after October but September is still warm, the kids are still off school, I believe, because of the heat. If you like historic you will love Malta, there is so much history to the country. Oh, and it is believed to be part of the lost Atlantis!! St Paul was shipwrecked there and my house is near where they recently discovered part of the ship. Take the bus tours and def go to Gozo, it is such a laid back place. I could do on forever about Malta lol


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