Sunday Summary | 14th to 21st May (on a Monday!)


Read this week

This week I read two novels and one short story.

The Long Drop by Denise Mina was a menacing crime thriller read, which I really enjoyed! My review is here.

Blood Moon by John David Bethel was a thrilling and violent thriller novel, my review is coming this week.

A Burden Shared by Jo Walton was a meaningful short, but I didn’t really like it. My review is here.

Currently reading

I’m currently reading two books.

I’m 10 pages away from finishing The Binding Song by Elodie Harper, which I’ve loved all the way through!

I’m about 10% the way through Be My Killer by Richard Parker which I’m also enjoying!

Books bought or received this week

I received these three books on Netgalley over the past week. I got my wish granted on the third book, I’m really excited to get into that one!

I also received four physical books from the publishers. Two of which are ARC’s, the other two are already published.

Blog posts this week

These are some of my blog posts from this week!


These are the photo’s I’ve posted on my IG this week. Follow me @zukythebookbum!

That’s all for this week ladies and gents! I hope you’ve all had a great week, here’s to the next! xo

(sorry this is a day late!)

As part of The Well-Thumbed Reader’s Big Blogger, Little Blogger project, I’m introducing you to The Underground Bookdom, a fun blog full of YA book reviews, tags and more! Go check it out and follow!

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