The state of my bookshelves (physical & Kindle)



Hello all you lovely bloggers! Today, I’m bringing a look at my hugely messy bookshelves. You lucky people are getting to see both my physical and e-book shelves, both of which are over-filled and out of control!

Physical bookshelf

My bookshelf is the Billy Bookshelf from IKEA. It has 6 compartments, but only 5 have got books on because I have misc stuff at the bottom that has no other place to go.

I store my physical books in author surnames, A – Z, so that I can easily and quickly find any book I need. I was going to go for a rainbow shelf, but I’d never be able to find the books I wanted that way!

I recently had a slight reorder of these shelves because I had spare books piling up on shelves they shouldn’t and making the whole thing look a big ol’ mess! Here are what my shelves look like…

top crop
This is the top shelf. As you can see, I have a few overflow books on this shelf, but nothing too messy. Out of all these books, I’ve read… four!


2nd crop
This is the second shelf, and as you can see, it has far more overflow than the other! Out of all these books, I’ve read… four, again!


3rd crop
Ahh, what a clean looking shelf! This is the third down, and out of all these books, I’ve read… you’ve guessed it! Four!


4th crop
My fourth shelf is another aesthetically pleasing clean shelf. Out of all these books, I’ve read… fourteen! A much more read bookshelf, but weirdly, still with the number 4 in.


5th crop
Annnd we’re back to the messy overflow with the last of my shelves! Out of all these books, I’ve read… six! Woohoo! A new number!

E-book shelf (books I’ve bought)

Now onto my Kindle bookshelf… Now this really is a state! ALL of these books are unread. Yes… I’ve paid money for all of these books (excluding 6 that are public domain or were on special offer) and I still haven’t read them! I, of course, have another section of my Kindle books that are read, I just haven’t shown them for this post.

kindle paidkindle paid2kindle paid3kindle paid4kindle paid5kindle paid6kindle paid7

Yes, you saw that correctly! These are currently the books I have on my Kindle that are yet to be read… I really can’t resist a 99p Kindle book, but then I never get round to reading them! Oops!

E-book shelf (arc copies)

These books here are my Netgalley (and other) eARC copies.

This is extremely out of hand, considering these books were given to be for review purposes! By the time this blog goes up, this is going to be a little out of date, plus, there are some Netgalley books in these shots that I’ve already read but have forgotten to take out of my Netgalley / eARC section of my Kinde! (Desperately trying to to make it look like I have some self control and organisational skills)


Ugh, yes. These are all the books I really need to get round to soon! I’ve managed to calm my Netgalley trigger finger recently, so this folder hasn’t been added to in a while, but it’s still a hot mess that I need to get a grip on!

So there we have it, you’ve now all seen the state of my bookshelves…What a mess!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this simple but fun to make post. Let me know about the state of your own shelves in the comments! I’d love to hear if you’re just as much as a mess as me, or if you’ve got yourself under control!

(Update: My shelves are back to being a mess again, since this post I’ve received and bought more books, but a few more of the Kindle eARCs have been read now!)

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34 Replies to “The state of my bookshelves (physical & Kindle)”

  1. All of these books are unread. You think that’s bad 😀 I have something around 450 ebooks, I’ve paid money for something between 100-200 😀 so don’t feel bad :DDDD like 50-80 are ARCs as well. So… yes 😀
    And it would be so weird to actually have a physical shelf! I guess I’d actually see all I have failed to read? 😀 ebooks get like that.. You’re pleasantly oblivious.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I had to stop getting Kindle Daily Deal e-mails because I was buying *way* too many books! It’s so easy to buy them, and I’m not as fast a reader as some. Honestly, your physical bookshelves don’t look that bad to me. Yes, not everything quite fits, but it’s still under control. There’s always room for more, right??

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I should probably stop getting the BookBub daily emails for Kindle books because you’re right, they’re just so easy to get!
      I guess my physical shelves aren’t the worst ever! They have got a little messier since this post was made though and I guess my main point is the little amount of books I’ve actually read, in comparison to the amount I have haha! 🙂


  3. Haha, my bookshelves are a hot mess. 😂 I destroyed them for bookstagram and never put them back, but when they were organized, I put them paperbacks for the first shelves, then my hardcovers, and I arranged them by height! It was very neat.

    I feel you about ebooks! My Kindle has SO MANY UNREAD E-ARCS. And for iBooks, I have about ten different categories and a crapton of books in each of them. But it’s organized! 😁

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I almost did the same, but then I couldn’t be bothered with the time and effort Instagram took 😛
      Haha, that’s a good idea, maybe I should organise my ebooks more and then it won’t look like such a state! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Ah I feel better about my life after seeing this 😂 could I suggest reading The Long Drop, the hardback copy is on offer in Tesco atm and I need a review from someone I trust to know if I should buy it or not lol

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Your Kindle eBooks literally equal my physical books that I have yet to read 😂 there are about 60 unread books on my shelf and I already have a bigger book shelf but it’s just a hot mess right now because they don’t fit in there anymore 😂 # problems of a book lover


    1. You have to create “collections”
      So at the moment the only collection I have is Netgalley and other eARCS, but I’m thinking I might make new ones for others things too. If you go to the kindle main page and click on the menu bar and find collections, you can make them in there x

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  6. Your shelves (both physical and digital) look a lot like mine at the minute, even down to some of the books!
    I currently have over 400 books on my Kindle which are a mix of ones I’ve purchased and NetGalley books to review and my physical shelves are no better.
    I know exactly how you feel about not being able to resist a 99p (or free) e-book.

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