Review: The Wolfe Experiment by R W Adams


3 stars


What if, as a child, you could move the world with your mind? Think of the possibilities. But what if you couldn’t control it, and buildings toppled in your sleep? Think of the consequences.

Ethan and Tilly Wolfe are special. It’s a cruel, devastating kind of special that causes death and destruction in equal measure. Nobody is safe. Not even those who love them.

Ethan is the older sibling, his telekinetic gift powerful but controllable. But Tilly is young, emotionally fragile and unable to stop the physical and mental damage she unleashes on other people with barely a thought.

And all it takes is a thought.

Pursued by the military, shunned by the authorities and running for their lives, this is the story of a medical experiment gone hideously wrong, and the lives of the two children trying to put it right.


This was a fast paced novel, perfect for all your thriller junkies out there, as well as having some emotional bits to it too. If you like novels about family and siblings, this is one to pick up!

This book was half for me, and half not for me. While it was fast paced and thrilling, as I’ve said beforehand, it also lost my attention in some parts, but these are mainly due to my own personal preference. The issue for me what that this was quite an emotional novel about the journey Ethan and Tilly go through after the death of their parents, and for me, this domestic angle got kind of boring, (we all know I hate a domestic thriller)!

The action is the book is certainly non-stop, I’ve seen another reviewer liken it to a “darker X-Men”, and I would have to agree!

The writing, for a debut, is superb and I can’t fault the author on his ability to conjure up a story. Characters are well developed and settings are easily brought to life in your mind. Speech is also mostly plausible, which is fantastic, as there is nothing worse than unbelievable conversations in books, my only qualm would be that Tilly spoke very intelligently for a young girl. Especially for a girl who was so childish in other aspects, such as her crying all of the time.

This book would be great for those of you looking for a heart-warming, sci fi, action adventure novel, but for me, it didn’t quite fit into my genre preferences.

Thanks to R W Adams for offering me a chance to read this book in exchange for an honest review.

Buy it here: Amazon UK

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