The Walls by Hollie Overton – READ NOW ON NETGALLEY

UPDATE: This is no longer read now, it is request only. Sorry!

I could have just added this into my Netgalley picks of the week post next Monday, but I’m not sure how long books stay on the “read now” section, so for all of you interested, Hollie Overton’s (author of Baby Doll) new book, The Walls has been uploaded to Netgalley as a READ NOW.

Click on the picture below to be taken to the Netgalley page.

Title: The Walls

Author: Hollie Overton


Working on death row is far from Kristy Tucker’s dream, but she is grateful for a job that allows her to support her son and ailing father.

When she meets Lance Dobson, Kristy begins to imagine a different kind of future. But after their wedding, she finds herself serving her own life sentence—one of abuse and constant terror.

But Kristy is a survivor, and as Lance’s violence escalates, the inmates she’s worked with have planted an idea she simply can’t shake.

Now she must decide whether she’ll risk everything to protect her family. Does she have what it takes to commit the perfect crime?

Genre: mystery & thrillers

Publishing: 08 Aug 2017

6 Replies to “The Walls by Hollie Overton – READ NOW ON NETGALLEY”

  1. Great that you posted this. I haven’t read Baby Doll but I recognized the authors name and thought the description sounded interesting. I could’ve sworn it said request and then all of a sudden it was read it now. I must’ve saw it wrong at first. I haven’t read very many books off of read it now and this one isn’t out until August…. so it seems kind of surprising.
    Happy reading!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No worries! I read Baby Doll and didn’t actually enjoy it, but I wanted to give the author another try before I poo-poo her work haha! Yes, I think Netgalley says “request” even when it’s a read now, a bit confusing!!
      I don’t tend to read Read Now books either, they never seem that good or worth it, but this is generous of the publisher and Overton herself, so I knew I had to get to it quick 😀


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