Get physical review copies at Bookbridgr!

Two things to say, before we start with this post…

  1. It’s UK & ROI only (so far, at least)
  2. I am not being sponsored or paid in anyway to promote this site


Now, I’m sure all of you lovely book bloggers love Netgalley and all the e-arcs it brings, but, what if you could get physical arcs just as easily? No professional email to the publisher required! Well, now you can, with Bookbridgr. This website is essentially Netgalley for physical arc books (however, nowhere near as updated with new books and with less communication on whether you’re going to receive a book or not).

I discovered Bookbridgr a couple of months ago, and since then have received several arc books in the mail, free and for reviewing! These include titles like The White Road by Sarah Lotz and My Sister by Michelle Adams.

Getting up and started on this site is so simple, if you’re a UK or ROI citizen who loves to blog about books, get those book-bums over to this website and sign up!

How it works…

First of all, you need to set up a profile, no surprise there!

bridgr profile.PNG

Here is what a profile (my profile) looks like on Bookbridgr. When you start, the first thing you’re asked to do is upload a profile picture, link your blog and social media, write a description for your blog, talk about your book interests and blog stats, and your postal address. Then, you need to start “bridging” posts! (Basically, posting your reviews)

bridg a post.PNG

This is what “bridging” looks like. It is essentially a page to provide details of the book, as well as your review and blog link. You need to include the ISBN-13 number of each book you post, if you’re reviewing a Netgalley / Kindle book or don’t have that number to hand, you can use the site to find it!


bridgr options

You don’t just get the choice to “bridg” reviews, you can also post any Q&A’s you’ve done, competitions and other articles!

Every time you “bridg” something, your star number goes up on your profile. As you can see from earlier, I have 48 stars on my profile. Now, I’ll be real with you here and tell you I’m not 100% sure what these are for, but I can only assume, the more you have, the more likely publishers are to send you their books.

brdigr genres.PNG

Now you can choose the genres of books you want to be featured on your homepage! Bookbridgr has a vast selection of genres available to request on their site, these are:

  • Fiction: Historical, Political, Adventure & Action, War
  • Fiction: Crime, Mystery, Psychological
  • Fiction: Sci Fi, Fantasy, Horror, Graphic Novels
  • Fiction: Contemporary Fiction, Reading Group
  • Fiction: Literary, Translated
  • Fiction: Chick Lit, Women’s Fiction, Family Saga
  • Fiction: Erotica, Romance Fiction
  • Fiction: Young Adult
  • Fiction: Short Stories
  • Non-fiction: General
  • Non-fiction: Science & Nature, History
  • Non-fiction: Celebrity and Humour
  • Non-fiction: Mind, Body & Spirit, Religion & Spirituality

… see! So many different types of books to choose from.

Now, these categories aren’t updated daily, like you get on Netgalley, but there is still a decent choice between them all, and like with NG, you can request and receive books well past their publication date. I always make sure to check the site a couple of times a week, to see what kind of stuff they’ve added.

This is what my personalised genre homepage looks like:

bookbridgr picked 4 u.PNG

Note: You can always go back into your settings and alter your favourite genres, to get remove or add genres to your homepage, so don’t think you need to say yes to them all, for fear of never getting the chance to read them!

Now you’re all set up, you can start requesting books!

bridgr request page.PNG

This is what the request pages look like with Bookbridgr. As you can see, they’re very open and easy to get around. They have all the information you’d need about the book, plus a big “request” button at the top. Yes, it really is as simple as that!


brigr author page.PNG

A great feature about Bookbridgr is that you can also request to interview the author! Simply by clicking on the author’s profile, or the “request an interview” button!

So there we have it, that’s a very quick and brief overview of Bookbridgr, an arc requesting website!

Remember, not every book you request is going to land on your doorstep! You have to be patient and remember to keep your profile updated.

I hope this post has introduced you British bloggers to a new and helpful site for all your bookish needs 💖

43 Replies to “Get physical review copies at Bookbridgr!”

  1. I am signed up to BookBridgr for a year or two now, I think… I never actually knew whether I was only supposed to bridg the books I’ve received through Bookbridgr or everything.. I guess I have my answer now, I better go add some new stuff 🙂

    I have received some really good books from Bb… it’s a great site even if not that up to date, etc.


    1. Sorry, this went into my spam, so I’ve only just seen it! I add all my book reviews to the site, I’m not sure if that’s how it works, but I like the star number going up haha. Yes, it’s not all the updated but it’s pretty good for receiving arcs!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Just found out about this when plucking up my courage to send my first email ARC request to Hodder & Stoughton! Filled out the form, hope they let me in ha ha

    Liked by 1 person

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