Holy crap! 400+ followers?!

Guys!!! How on earth has this happened?! I’ve taken a quick sneak peek at my insights today, and I’ve hit 400 followers, this is crazy! With WordPress & email followers, I’m now at 417 which is so huge and my heart is bursting with joy!!!

What makes this so crazy is the fact that I have practicallyΒ only just thanked you for 300 followers! (P.S. The giveaway finishes in 2 days, you can still enter it here!!)

… If I could put my emotions into a movement, this would be it:

Pashu rekt ethan papa johns GIF

You lot are so super amazing! Thank you so much to everyone who has stuck with me over the few months I’ve had this blog. You are all so great and I appreciate every single one of ya!


(lol, how have I managed to fit two h3h3 things in this post? hit me up if you’re an Ethan & Hila fan)

Anyway, yes, this is all I had to say right now, just a big THANK YOOOUUU!!

(psst, my next giveaway is at 500 followers!! I love doing giveaways!!)

61 Replies to “Holy crap! 400+ followers?!”

  1. Yay! Congrats! You totally deserve it! Something I’ve noticed since hitting a certain number is that followers come a little easier. You just one my “400 Followers” giveaway and I’m almost at 500 now! You’ll be hitting 500 before you know own it!

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