Top Ten Tuesday: misleading book covers


Welcome back to my Top Ten Tuesday posts! This week got given a “cover freebie”, meaning we could choose any theme on book covers and make a post about them. As it’s Spring and it’s getting sunny, I’m expecting to see a lot of happy bright posts this week!

I had a hard time coming with with a theme for this cover freebie TTT but then I remembered a laugh I had not too long ago, when trying to look up some really ugly book covers. Here are 10 misleading book covers!


Let’s start this post off with a bang. Can we guess what this book is? Anyone? A King book that involves pretty lady with big glitzy earrings? Can’t think of any?

Well, I don’t blame you. This is the brazilian cover of The Shining! No, I have no idea who signed this off as a good idea either…

No, just… no. This is disgusting and wrong. This cover of Lolita makes the book look like it’s supposed to be sexy and raunchy, BUT IT’S NOT! Plus that artwork looks like that of a grown woman, when Lolita still a young girl!


Haha, this one is just too funny! The Turn of the Screw… of course! I mean, not only is this book not about tools of any kind… there isn’t even a screw on this cover!!! It’s a bolt!!!

Image result for bad book covers

We all know that famous tale of Tarzan, right? The one where the big muscled man tries to seduce a monkey!

(I mean, at least this one kind of represents the book, in the sense that it’s jungley)


This book cover would be good for nothing, tbh, not just this Virginia Woolf novel.

No, Night and Day isn’t about a woman who reminds you of a serpent.


This cover is just hilarious. Why the hell does this cover for Carrie have a very androgynous broccoli headed face on it? Wasn’t the famous scene from this book all to do with blood… not grass?

This cover makes me totally cringe. I guess it’s not “misleading” per se, it’s just disgusting! “Bella & Edwards favourite book” – way to bring in a whole new tween audience into reading Wuthering Heights… a dull as hell angsty romance… oh wait, I guess that’s a perfect fit for Twilight fans!


Yes, because Anne of Green Gables was a young blonde country girl, right? Not a sassy, independent red-headed girl? No! Of course not (blonde will sell you see!)


I really don’t get this cover for Frankenstein at all. What’s with the snowy mountain / volcano and knight in shining armour character? Shouldn’t there be a monster and doctor / scientist on the front rather than a sword?


Now this is a weird one. They’ve all been weird, but this is super weird!

We all know that story, about a black ghostly figure that’s slightly ominous and creepy, called Lolita yeah? No, I didn’t think so! At least this one isn’t sexualising a minor.

There we have it ladies and gents. This was my cover freebie Top Ten Tuesday post for the week! I hope you enjoyed it, and maybe even got a laugh from one or two of these ridiculous covers!

Thanks for stopping by! xo

41 Replies to “Top Ten Tuesday: misleading book covers”

  1. Oh my God, the Stephen King covers. And the Anne of Green Gables covers. 😂 Not surprised about Lolita, though, since people have sorely misrepresented it over the years and now we sort of refer to “Lolitas” as promiscuous women. Honestly, don’t even know what happen, but I guess it’s like people still calling Romeo and Juliet a love story???

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    1. God knows about the Lolita thing, Lana Del Rey isn’t really helping in that realm lol. People that confuse Lolita for a story about a young girl seducing an older man make me really angry because it’s CLEARLY not that at all… I think if they watched the film they might be more aware of the fact it’s rape and sexual assualt but some people never seem to understand…

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  2. Thanks for the laugh! Those covers are just awful, the Anne of Green Gables one in particular made me say UM very loudly, and your descriptions of the covers were really funny. Great post!

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  3. Oh my god, some of these are beyond horrendous, albeit extremely hilarious! I honestly wonder who the hell looked at that cover for ‘The Shining’ and thought “Yep, perfect! This cover exudes the terror lurking within the pages!”

    And that cover for ‘Tarzan’!? The monkey seduction thing is troubling enough, but why is that guy so clean shaven!? He looks like he’s stepped straight off the set of GQ photo shoot!

    Awesome post! 😀 Thanks for getting my day started on a good laugh 😛

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  4. This is just hilarious! My favourite has to be the cover for Tarzan. I don’t know what’s funnier: the guy’s seductive look or the fact that, to me, the monkey looks like it’s going, “Oh my!” 😂

    Great post by the way!

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