Meet the Blogger | Get to Know Misty @ Misty’s Book Space


Hello everyone and welcome to another of my Meet the Blogger posts! This week we’re getting to know Misty from Misty’s Book Space!

Misty has been a loyal follower of mine for a while now and I love her blog too. She’s always joining in with my Thursday posts, when she can, and she was also the lucky winner of my second giveaway! Go check out her blog if you haven’t already! She’s such a lovely lady and I’m so glad to have been able to meet her!

Without further ado, let’s get to know Misty!

Tell us a little about yourself!



My name is Misty hence the name mistysbookspace. I’m a 28 year old stay at home wife from Georgia. I started my blog because I love to read and talk about about books. I post book reviews, memes, tags and so much more on my blog.




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Questions & answers!

When did you start your book blog, and what prompted you to make it?

I started my blog in July of 2016. I had been watching booktube videos and I had already started my bookstagram account when I realized book blogging was a thing. I was really sceptical about starting it at first because I am no good with words (but that’s a story for another day lol). Finally I told myself if I am horrible at it or if I don’t like it I could just quit, no harm, no foul. Little did I know I would love it.

What is your favourite book genre?

My favorite genre to read is romance. Any kind of romance really. From YA to adult so long as there is a romance happening I am pretty much hooked.

What are you currently reading and are you enjoying it?

At the moment I haven’t started a new book but I did just finish Girl Out of Water by Laura Silverman. It’s being published May 1st. I absolutely loved this book. I will be posting a review on it soon.

Is there anyone specific who you love taking book recommendations from?

I don’t have any specific people that I take recommendations from. I will honestly take anyone’s recommendation. If someone recommends a book directly to me or I read a post or review where they are raving about a book I will read the synopsis and if it sounds like something I would like I will add it to my TBR.

Do you buy or read secondhand books?

Yes I buy and read second hand books. Most of the time if I buy a physical book I will buy it second hand. I can’t afford to always buy books at the regular price so I will look for deals.

If you could get everyone to read one book, what book would you choose?

This is a hard question to answer. I want to take the easy route and say I would get everyone to read any book by Nicholas Sparks because he is my all time favorite author and his books are so relatable with everyday problems. Also I think I would get everyone to read A Monster Calls. Everyone’s probably already read that one though, but yeah it is an amazing book and is also pretty relatable. I don’t even have the words to express my love for this book.

Are there any really popular books you don’t like?

I’m not sure if this counts as a really popular book or not but it has had some controversy surrounding it and that is Carve The Mark by Veronica Roth. I wasn’t even able to get through this book. Other than that I can’t really think of any other books that are popular that I don’t like.

Which book character would you love to switch places with?

I think I am going to go with Belly (that’s her nickname in the book) from The Summer I Turned Pretty. She gets to spend her summers on the beach and I would love to be able to spend the summer at the beach. Of course there is relationship drama but that’s everywhere you go.

Do you have any books you know you’ll never read?

I want to say no I don’t have any books in my possession that I know I don’t want to read. I like to think I will eventually read them all but who knows.

Do you have any bookish pet peeves?

The only pet peeve I can think of is the stickers they put on the back covers. They are a pain to get off and most times you are left with a sticky mess which drives me crazy.

Thank you so much to Misty for doing this post with me! Again, you should all go check out her blog and add her on her social medias.

If you want to find out a little about me, Misty was kind enough to host a Q&A with me over on her blog! Go check it out!

That’s all for now! Thanks for stopping by!


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