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Greek Gods tag

SoOOOoooO I made another tag post! I have no idea where this creativity came from, but it appeared and it stayed and I’ve been mulling over it all weekend and finally, finally, I think I’ve created something fun and easy to do!

Introducing the Greek Gods Book Tag! I’m kind of certain this theme of tag has been done before but I’m hoping I’ve chosen different Gods and created a different way to “answer” each one. If I somehow have managed to rip off someone else’s tag completely, I’m sorry & let me know!

Now, I don’t like to be a spoil sport, but we need some ground rules here ok (I promise they’re easy peasy)!


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  • You can use my graphics if ya like, but you don’t have to if you don’t want to
  • Tag as many people as you want, but please, share the love

ZeusZeus: King of the Gods – your favourite book

Image result for to kill a mockingbird book cover

I think we all knew this by now, but To Kill a Mockingbird is one of my all time favourite books!

It’s just so stunningly beautiful from page one and gives out such a hopeful and accepting message. If any book should be drummed down children’s throats, it’s this one. I mean for Christ’s sake, this was published in the 60’s, yet we’re still battling racism today?






Hera Hera: Queen of the Gods – a badass female character

This is another book I talk about a lot, but the longer it’s been since I’ve read it, the more I think about it and think about how amazing Zoo, our main character, is.

Out of all the books I’ve read with female leads, Zoo always stands out in my mind as a cool-as-cucumber survivor and all round bad-ass character. I even mention in my review of this book that Zoo managed to be cocky, cool, funny, and emotional without getting annoying at all. Ugh, Zoo, let’s be friends!


JanusJanus: God of Beginnings – your favourite debut(s)

I’ve picked 6 debuts here that I thought were amazing (apart from The Last One… I didn’t want to reuse an answer). I’ve read hundreds of amazing debuts, but these are the ones I’ve given 5 stars to. If you haven’t read any of them / all of them, stop what you’re doing and go buy them! (p.s that’s an affiliate link)


AthenaAthena: Goddess of Wisdom – your favourite non-fiction book

I’m all over true crime and I have always been interested in Manson and his Family. It seems (it is) so mad that a small, average looking man such as Manson could hold so much power over people!

I read Helter Skelter on holiday one year and I was absolutely enthralled by it. If you have any interest in true crime, read this novel! It’s written by the very man who took Manson down in court, so it’s full of all the nitty gritty details us true crime lovers yearn for.






AphroditeAphrodite: Goddess of Love – a book you adore and recommend everyone read (other than your favourite book!)

I recommend The Wonder to everyone because it’s got a bit of everything in it! Not only is it a historical fiction, it’s also got some mystery to it, and some romance.

It’s also a really easy book to read in the sense that it’s not overly obnoxious or arty farty.








HadesHades: God of the Underworld – an evil book you wish didn’t exist

I have a lot of hate for John Dies at the End because I was really, really, really looking forward to it, and then I read it and thought it was stupid and badly written & put together.

As cool as the cover is, and as much as I like the title, this can’t take away from the fact that the actual book sucked!







PoseidonPoseidon: God of the Sea & Earthquakes – a beautiful & ground-breaking book

Image result for american psycho book cover
I know what you’re thinking!! “Wow, Zuky, did you really just call a book about murder and rape “beautiful?” and the answer is, yes, I did, but not in the way you think OK. I’m not condoning the book’s messages and actions in anyway, but I do think this novel is beautifully shocking and thought provoking. I happened to read some stuff on American Psycho the other day, articles and the like, and here is a perfect quote from Irvine Welsh on why this novel is so groundbreaking and incredible.

“American Psycho holds a hyper-real, satirical mirror up to our faces, and the uncomfortable shock of recognition it produces is that twisted reflection of ourselves, and the world we live in.”



ApolloApollo: God of the Arts – a beautiful book cover

I found this book recently and I really love the cover for it. The Silent Companions isn’t out until October, so I hope the publishers don’t change the cover to something lame, like they do with so many other books!

I like this one because I love symmetry and I like all the different hidden images, like the coffins that look like something budding from the plant, and the book above the deer’s head!







HypnosHypnos: God of Sleep – a book so boring you almost fell asleep

I read The People at Number 9 very recently, and holy crap, even for a domestic thriller, this one was slow.

Nothing happened! No tension, no twists, no character development, nothing! Yawn.








HermesHermes: Messenger of the Gods – a book you sped through

Rosemary’s Baby
might be my current favourite read of the year. I did a real speedy read with this one. It was so enthralling that I just couldn’t put it down!




There’s my latest book tag for you all! I hope you had fun reading it and liked my ideas for each God.

Now for the mass amount of tags – because I want loads of people to do it!

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There are a million other blogs I could tag but my brain is a little blank at the moment! Sorry if I’ve missed you out, if you want to do it, please do! I’d love to see all your answers!

Also, I know there are millions of you here and that totally narrows down who you can tag… sorry! No pressure to do this tag if you don’t want to, don’t worry, I won’t be offended!

Much love to you all, thanks for reading!

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