Sunday Summary | 16th – 23rd April


I’ve been doing these posts pretty much since I first started this blog on January and this week I’ve left it all very last minute because I felt a bit “uughh” about the posts themselves. They just felt like a hassle to do. In the end, I’ve realised that I guess I didn’t like the way I’d structured them and so I’m going to just go with the flow and structure each week however the hell I want to. So, with all that being said, let’s actually get on to a bit of summarising!

Books I’ve read this week:

I managed to read 2 books this week, which isn’t so bad!

Out of these two, The White Road was by far my favourite! It comes out at the beginning of May, so my review will be live then, but I’ve given it a 5 stars. Yes, it was that good!

The Ridge was so very disappointing and boring by comparison. I have liked previous John Rector books, but I felt this one was a little silly and the characters felt fake. My review for this will be up in  a couple of days.

Books bought & received this week:

I’ve received these three books this week, in either physical or digital format. As you can see, I hopped straight onto reading Lotz’s newest novel! I’m really excited for all of these, but I had no idea that Natchez Burning was a 700+ page book until after I requested on NG, oops!

Raold Dahl

If you saw my Friday Finds post, then you will have already seen these books and this little graphic, but I did actually buy these this week, not just add them to my TBR. I’ve always wanted to read some of Dahl’s adult fiction. Considering The Witches is so damn terrifying and that’s aimed at kids I can’t even begin to imagine how dark these stories are going to be!

Currently reading:


I’m finally getting round to The Surgeon by Tess Gerritsen after so many years of being told how good it is! I have the first 3 Rizzoli & Isles books, so if I like this first one, I can get straight on to the next!

Some of my blog posts this week:

Instead of listing every single blog post of the week, I’m just going to pick some of my posts which I think were the most interesting (lol)

And don’t forget, I’m still doing a giveaway for a £25 Book Depository order! Remember, you can get extra entries every day by tweeting!

Thank you! 300 followers & another giveaway!


Instagram pics:

Since getting back into IG, I’ve loved being able to share pics with you guys around the books I’m reading & have read.

These are the three pics I put up this week. In the first, I’m showing off my new Book Buddy, which is super cute and helpful for someone like me who transports their books around all the time! It keeps it safe & cosy.

That’s all for this weeks round-up. Yes, it’s kind of the same as before but it felt different for me, somehow.

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