Thursdays: short story review

Hello! Today I’m bringing you my latest review for my weekly book meme, Thursdays!

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  • On Thursday, I will pick a short story from for us to all read…
  • The next Thursday, we will all review the story that was picked the previous week…
  • The review can be in depth or short and snappy! There are no boundaries on how you want to review the story…
  • After my own personal review of that weeks story, I will post the next story to read for next week…
  • And on and on it goes…
  • Please remember to tag back to my post (pingback!!) if you join in on this meme, that way I can read all your reviews!



4 stars


I liked this one from the get-go because it involved lots of speech and had a real life relationship in it. I feel like a lot of books are very arty and poetic, which is lovely, but doesn’t often feel realistic, so this was a nice change. Of course, this isn’t all realistic, it’s a sci-fi horror novella after all, but it certainly felt more plausible.

I liked how this one was cloaked in mystery right from the beginning, with Kristine’s strange bite on her shoulder and the storm Noel encountered while he was away. This led you to do some guessing, and I always think that makes the story, and the reveal, more fun.

I had the first reveal / plot twist down, but I wasn’t expecting that end!

This ended too quickly for my liking. I get what it was trying to do, but I wish it had taken the story further. Rich, if you’re reading this, make it into a full novel! I would love it!

Next week’s story is: Mental Diplopia by Julianna Baggott


There seems to be a strange new disease spreading around the world. People are getting stuck in the past in mostly happy memories. They are straddling the line between now and then. Although the disease ends in death, the infected seem to go willingly. The epidemiologist seeks the answers to this viral mystery while she is falling in love and yet trying not to get infected.

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