My Bookish Pet Peeves

bookish pet peeves

Today I wanted to do a discussion post, because I don’t often do these and I was feeling extra feisty today and wanted to get some of my anger out lol.

This post is all about my personal bookish pet peeves… and there are a lot of them!

1. Movie poster book covers

I know I’ve spoken about this on my blog before, but let’s take a minute to stew over how lazy and unimaginative this is as a book cover. I don’t want to see some highly overpaid actors and actresses on the cover of a book, who are not how I imagined the characters at all.

I purposely avoid movie poster book covers. I will never, ever buy one. Not even second hand. Here are a few examples… and as much as I love Matt Damon’s face, I still don’t want it on my book.


2. People who are careless with books – cracked spines, dog-eared pages and permanent notes & highlighting

Image result for cracked spine books

Now this one is gonna be a little controversial, but I hate messy looking books.

Listen, unless it’s old as hell, you shouldn’t be cracking the spines and fucking up a book you paid good money for. I purposefully don’t lend my books out to people because I don’t trust them with my books. I have never, ever cracked a spine on my books, ever. It’s not necessary. It’s book torture and I won’t stand for it!

Dog-eared pages are probably less controversial, I mean who wants bendy corners on their books? It annoys the hell out of me. My stepdad will be reading a book for five minutes and the books will be folding back in on themselves. UGH.

Lastly is permanent marking in books. I have no issue with making notes in a book, not that I do it myself, but it doesn’t bother me… as long as it’s in PENCIL. Getting used books with writing and highlighter all over them really ruffles my feathers.


3. Detectives with inner demons

Can we give this book trope a break now please? Why do all detectives in detective series have to have some sort of inner demon or past tragedy that goes everywhere with them? Why can’t detectives be normal people for once?

This is pretty much the main reason I can’t get into series. I don’t mind if it’s a small problem like an ex wife, or can’t have kids or something like that, but when it’s something like their brother is a serial killer that they had to catch and prosecute, then I lose interest. Immediately.


4. Crappy book cover changes

AGGHHHH, I’m sure you can all relate with me on this one! I might just have to do a whole post about it at some point.

Why, oh why do publishers feel the need to change book covers so often and change them into something cheesy as hell?


My Sister’s Bones (4 stars from me!) went from arty, autumn, gorgeousness to woman walking on the most desolate piece of land you’ve ever seen ft a flock of birds.

Room went from simplistic and eerie to a little boy sat with a miniature house plus a vignette filter for good luck.

Watching Edie (4 stars again!) went from haunting yet creepy woman looking through a beautiful ocean coloured window to a close up of a very photoshopped eye behind half a wall.

The Trap (4 stars again!) went from eerie open door (come in, come in, I won’t hurt you) to a fountain pen about to stab a butterfly.

These are just a few book cover changes I hate, but there are so many more!


5. Books with no blurb

How the hell are we supposed to know if we want to read the book when there is no blurb? Or if there is a blurb, it’s 2 sentences long and gives away nothing of what the book is going to be about.

Books that just have reviews plastered all over them, with no real synopsis, really piss me off too. Especially when the reviews are for the author’s last work…. why would we need to know about their other book if we want to read this one!?


6. Stickers

Image result for richard and judy book club  stickers

You all know what I’m on about here. Those awful circular stickers bookstores think is appropriate to shove onto beautiful book covers, just because it won the “Costa Award” or is a “Richard & Judy pick”. What’s even worse is that 9 times out of 10, THEY DON’T COME OFF EASILY, and then you’re stuck with a horrible sticky mess all over your brand new, beautiful book.

Please. Richard and Judy. Stop ruining the book you apparently love so much.


7. Authors that rehash events from previous books in a series in painstaking detail

I know, this is for those barbaric people (me included sometimes) who start a series half way through, more than anything, but as a series reader, I really don’t want to read in detail something I’ve already read.


8. The irritating flappy paper cover you get with hardback books

Why can’t hardbacks just print the cover onto the thick card / cloth bound part of the book, rather than leaving that a plain and miserable grey and using a slip of paper as the cover.

Those slips of paper never last! I always managed to ruin them because you can’t constantly take a book with a slip round it in and out of your bag. I know you can say “just take it off when you’re carrying it around” but then what’s the point in having it to begin with!? I wish they would just print the bloody cover on the bloody book!!!!


9. When a Kindle doesn’t sync to the further location read

Image result for kindle furthest page read not working

This is pretty specific, but as a Kindle reader, this annoys the hell out of me. I read on both my Kindle and on my Kindle app on my phone (just depends on what I’ve remembered to charge that night!) and I’d like them to be able to sync properly, but it doesn’t always manage it.

It’s annoying because you have to have wifi, which isn’t always possible, but even sometimes, when I have wifi, it still won’t sync to the furthest reading location, then you’re stuck scrolling through all the pages, and that’s not that quick a process on Kindle!


10. Unrealistic conversations

Image result for people saying blah

I hate when a book has to explain itself all the time. I actually had a discussion about this issue with my dad not too long ago. He’s currently reading an espionage, spy thriller and he was saying that the plot is great, very thrilling and interesting, but the speech between characters was really difficult to get on with because they kept using abbreviations and then going on to explain what that abbreviation means. That’s not how the real world works! A spy wouldn’t keep repeating themselves like that!

If you must use abbreviations in your text, make a little glossary or something! Don’t make the conversation all stiff, unrealistic and weird!


11. Reviews that aren’t reviews

I’ve spoken about this with someone before here on WordPress, but I can’t for the life of me remember who (sorry!). What I mean by this point is when people “review” a book in two short paragraphs, one of which is an overview of the synopsis. Don’t tell me what the book is about, that’s what a synopsis is for goddamn it!

It doesn’t count as a review if you tell me what the book is about, in your own words, and then go “I liked this one, really shocking and thrilling! Would recommend.”

Ok, rant over! Thanks for all sitting with me through that, I’m OK now.

Do you agree with any of my points? I’d love to know if you have any different bookish pet peeves that haven’t featured on my list!

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34 Replies to “My Bookish Pet Peeves”

  1. Fantastic post! It seems we share the same peeves. My two biggest pet hates on this list are the midtreatment/overly worn looking spines and the crappy reviews.

    I read a review on audible that was 2 sentences in really bad English. I will put it into good english as I can’t remember the specifics:

    “I was given this audio book in exchange for an honest review. I really liked this book and thought it was pretty fantastic from start to finish.”

    THAT was the whole review. Some poor author gave them a free audio book in exchange for a half-arsed review that tells us nothing about the product other than it was good. A 5 star rating would have done that. What’s worse, fully HALF the review was telling us they got it for free in exchange gor a review. 15 hours + of enjoyment in exchange for a poorly spelt sentence. I’m an author myself, so these things both anger and terrify me.

    Sorry for the rant 😳… i think if we sat down over coffee, our combined fury would probably be enough so the conversation never died out 😂

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    1. Ugh, how lame of that person! They could have at least explained why they liked it! Crappy reviews really do my head in and I’m not an author / publisher giving out freebies! If you don’t post an informative review, whether it’s good or bad, they won’t bother sending you stuff anymore anyway, so at least there’s that!

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  2. Movie covers really wind me up too. I was once in a bookshop and saw someone pick up the movie version of The Hunger Games and they actually said, ‘Oh wow, they’ve made a book out of The Hunger Games!’. If they’d been joking it would have been funny, but sadly they weren’t… 😋

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  3. Yes, I’m glad you said it! I agree on all the cover changes ! I know sometimes it’s to do with territory rights and all but still.. Yes to NO stickers! Also sometimes there’s no blurb but there’s also too much blurb. I read a novel once and the main character is getting pregnant, she was sooo surprised and it was intended to be a twist for us too but it was already mentioned in the blurb. Gah!

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    1. Ugh, I hate when they ruin parts of the plot in the blurb, that’s another blurb related pet peeve for me too. Or if the review give something away too. Take Rosemary’s baby, for example, some people don’t know it’s about devil worship, but then it literally has a big quote on the front that says something like “the best book about devilry in years” !!! Don’t ruin it you stupid reviewers!

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  4. Pro-tip for removing sticker residue: hand sanitizer works wonders! Dab a bit on a cotton pad and go to town. Or Goo-Gone works even better, but that’s less common to have lying around. Basically anything that has a bit of alcohol. (I have to do this at work all the time.)

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  5. I agree with most, especially the kindle syncing to furthest location one! However, I love a detective with an inner demon, it’s what I find appealing about series, that flawed detective haunted by their past 🖤 lol.

    What bugs me is when books in a series are all different sizes, like seriously think of the aesthetics, I’ve got 6 books nicely stacked on my shelf and then you go and give me a wider book, I just can’t work with that!

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  6. Ugh, you hit three of my top peeves: bent spines (I go to some used book sale places and literally I just can’t with them -I JUST WANT PRETTY SPINES); the Kindle not syncing (I always go between my phone and iPad and they never sync correctly when I want them too so I’m constantly flipping through pages trying to find the last spot); and those stickers. -_- Wonderful post!!

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  7. I agree with pretty much all of these. What drives me nuts is when Amazon take it upon themselves to change the cover of my ebook to the movie version. Leave it alone.

    On the reviews one, I have seen authors say they are ok with just a few words or a couple of sentences and it is probably ok if you loved the book. It’s more bad negative reviews that bug me. I was literally just looking at a 1 star review that simply said “Rubbish” and another with “boring”. Even worse is when they don’t talk about the book. Genuine review “bought this as a gift for someone so haven’t read it” 1 star. If you haven’t read it why are you reviewing never mind giving it such a terrible rating.


  8. Great post! I dislike the movie poster to book cover as well. I always steer clear of those… I think they make the book look ‘cheap’…

    Funnily I was just thinking about the tortured detectives a few days back after having read some crime/thriller reviews and I wondered how come all detectives a boozing, tortured souls! It must be a shock to the genre reader to come across a fully functioning detective 😂

    Agree with tons of your peeves and picked up some good tips in the comments so thanks for this ☺

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  9. Stickers, cover changes, cracked spines, movie poster covers, and reviews that aren’t reviews. Yes! To all of those.

    I actually love the dust jackets on my hardbacks, haha. I keep them on, not take them off to read, and I’m very careful that they don’t rip. I actually lost the dust jacket to Half Blood Prince, and attempted to contact the publisher for a replacement. It was a no go. 😀

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    1. I always take them off because I find they get caught on my zip when I take them out of my bag. I really try not to damage them but they always get curled or ripped etc, maybe I’m just clumsy 😋


      1. Nah, I think I’m just obsessive about damage. All of my friends are scared to borrow from me. I swear, everyone I know just takes them off to prevent damaging them. 🙂

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  10. Hahaha you make some REALLY good points here! I agree with all of them (I can’t empathise with kindle though because I have literally never, ever used one…but I believe you!!). On Instagram, I see people folding books back for the sake of a photo…and I cringe. It makes me sad, I really wish people wouldn’t do that! I lend my books only to people I trust, so I haven’t had any issues there…yet. I HATE movie poster covers, why do they do that to us?!? Don’t they understand us book nerds?!? I have never known anyone who is into books that loves these covers, we want the originals!!

    I also know what you mean about the reviews. I tend to skim over the parts where it is just re-capping the story, I read reviews for opinions – not a story re-cap. I love this post, it’s so honest 🙂

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    1. Thank you!! Ah bending the books back like that makes me cringe so hard too! I can’t trust anyone with my books. My mum manages to completely eff them up, my stepdad is always curling the pages over, my stepsister told me she LIKES cracking the spine and my boyfriend bends the book way to far open so his book spines are a mess!
      I know! No one has ever said they like the movie poster covers, why would they still change them to that?!
      Same, I put the synopsis in my reviews, but as a whole separate part of the post so you can see that it’s the synopsis and you can see the bit that’s my review. I think a synopsis is useful for review posts, so you don’t have to go elsewhere to find out what the book is about, but I then also need a proper review too haha 😋

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  11. I enjoy sop much reading this kind of ranting posts!!hahaha
    The cover business…. I completely agree with you! For starters, I am no lover of movie tie-ins, but I do own some, and in some specific cases it is true that I’ve preferred them to the originals. But well, that’s the exception, not the rule. And that My Sister’s Bones cover change… messed with my plans completely! It actually follows the same aesthetics of Room… not my cup of tea!

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  12. Ugh stickers. I work in a book shop myself, and it’s actually the publishers who put all those hard to remove stickers on the cover. A lot of them also have prices on them and…well…imagine having to giftwrap a whole pile of books with hard-to-remove stickers.

    I find the lack of blurbs annoying too! Sometimes they’re on the inside, but just put them on the back rather than the billion reviews? I don’t care what the New York Times thought about the book, I just want to know what it’s about!

    I tend to avoid movie tie-in covers myself, too. I see why they do it from a marketing perspective, but I’d rather have the non-movie cover.

    I find reviews more interesting when they share an opinion. I can read a synopsis everywhere, but what did YOU think of the book? Why? Finding a book review about a book I’m curious about only to find out that it’s a synopsis and a sentence consisting of “it was great” is really disappointing. Sure, I include a synopsis in my review as well, but I also try to talk about its strengths and weaknesses, what I FELT about it. Everyone has a different experience when reading a book, and those different experiences make reviews interesting!

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    1. Ugh! Why would the publishers do that? It’s really irritating!! I don’t mind it when they’re on the side of a hardback cover sleeve but it’s when they literally don’t have even a small blurb! Why would you not advertise what the book is about… on the book? Lol!
      I think it’s safe to say that most people sound like they avoid movie poster book covers, so whhhhy are they still made? 😛
      Exactly! I’m happy for there to be the synopsis in the review post, but at least have a whole section where you do actually review the book you’ve read! No one wants a rehash of what the blurb says already!


  13. I am 100% with you on the cracked spines! I once lent a book to my cousin and I got it back with the spine cracked like 3 times! UGH! I am never lending my books to ANYONE! EVER! AGAIN! 😀
    And I’m no fan of movie poster book covers either! Who made that a thing??? And STICKERS! What’s the point of stickers on the covers!!! And it’s even worse when you try to peel them off but they won’t come off as a whole and then you still have little bits of sticker-leftovers on the cover that you can’t get off! Arrrgghhh!!!

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    1. Haha I know that feeling. My mum isn’t allowed her grubby hands on my books anymore, not after the way she treated them before!
      I honestly have no idea why ANYONE thought stickers on books was a good idea!! And yes! If you’re going to put them on, at least make them easy peel ones! There’s nothing worse than having bits of straggly white scraps from a leftover sticker to ruin a nice book cover!

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  14. Oh c’mon books are meant to be read. Crack that spine. Books are meant to be re read! That’s what they are made for. They might’ve some reason for it maybe they sold their old books. But I am against lending books and returning them back. Cause there’s no way I’m taking back my book back from you probably filled with your bogies ewww that’s gross.


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