Thursdays: short story review


Hello! Today I’m bringing you my latest review for my weekly book meme, Thursdays!

Interested in joining? See below for what to do to be a part of it!


  • On Thursday, I will pick a short story from for us to all read…
  • The next Thursday, we will all review the story that was picked the previous week…
  • The review can be in depth or short and snappy! There are no boundaries on how you want to review the story…
  • After my own personal review of that weeks story, I will post the next story to read for next week…
  • And on and on it goes…
  • Please remember to tag back to my post (pingback!!) if you join in on this meme, that way I can read all your reviews!



4 stars

This was a terrific short story this week and other than Tom, Thom, this has to be my favourite one so far!

I loved how you really got to know the characters from right at the beginning of the story, and this lead you to feel shocked and scared with them. I liked the plot to this one, as it’s something a bit different to what I’m used to reading.


My only slight issue with this one would be that I felt the ending came too quickly. I felt like I was left out on my own, stranded, trying to work out what had happened. If this story has drawn out the end in a different way, this could have been a 5 stat read!

(After reading some review on Goodreads I’ve noticed that some people are saying this is factually wrong. I don’t know anything about Mexican culture and so I cannot understand the inaccuracies in this book, but I wholeheartedly understand the difficulties people will have with this novella if they are aware of true Mexican culture. For me this was purely fictional, the comments about Mexico didn’t settle in my head as correct or accurate, I’d only take things as true if this was non-fiction or a documentary, though I’m always still happy to be corrected and to learn!)



“Dark Warm Heart” by Rich Larson is a horror story about a woman whose husband returns from the frozen Canadian North Territories, obsessed with texts he discovered there.

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8 Replies to “ Thursdays: short story review”

  1. I read your last review and was planning to hop on the meme train, alas… excuses, excuses… 😀
    Dog sounds good though and I freaking love the cover art! Depending on how this coming week goes I may join you on reading/reviewing Dark Warm Heart. Sounds good!

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