Over the Rainbow: yellow book covers

I actually found it very hard to find some gorgeous yellow book covers this week, but I think my collection is pretty good!

Yellow is being used more and more for book covers recently, and I think it’s because it’s so hard to ignore. I really do like a yellow book cover, but I don’t think we see enough of them!

We’re on to green book covers next week!

If you like this idea and want some easy blogs to post over the next 7 weeks, please feel free to do this and tag me so I can see it!

13 Replies to “Over the Rainbow: yellow book covers”

      1. Yeah, I definitely think it is a movie that benefits from the viewer having already read the book. I liked both the film and the book but I’m not sure if I would have liked the film quite as much without knowing already what I knew about the characters since the movie didn’t quite go into them and their backstories as much.

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