Mini-review: The Monkey’s Paw by W. W. Jacobs


4 stars


The White family are delighted when a friend gives them a monkey’s paw that will grant them three wishes. They gain a little but at what cost? The paw turns happiness to fear and despair.


“He wanted to show that fate ruled people’s lives, and that those who interfered with it did so to their sorrow. He put a spell on it so that three separate men could each have three wishes from it.”

Can you believe that I’d never heard of this short before and new nothing of the pot what-so-ever, before today? Well it’s the truth. I think being so ignorant to it made me love it more. I got completely immersed in the story and the lives of our caring and lonely White’s.

The panic felt in this book translates to the reader so much so that you find yourself short of breath, praying, hoping, that the front door stays shut.

Excellent horror short, well worth taking 10 minutes out of you day to read. Remember what they say… Be careful what you wish for!

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