The Get to Know Me Tag


Super duper thanks to the lovely Lois for tagging me in this post. I love getting to know all the bloggers I read and appreciate more so this is a super fun tag for me!

Vital Stats:



Name: Zuky
Nicknames: Zeddy or Zukes (Zooks)
Birthday: 5th November (bonfire night!! 🔥🔥)
Star Sign: Scorpio
Occupation: Marketing Assistant

(yes I’m sitting on some sinks in this photo)




Hair Colour: My natural hair colour is a mousey brown but I’ve dyed it so many times now that it’s never getting back to that colour. I’ve gone through a blonde highlight phase, a black hair phase, a red hair phase, a blue-black hair phase, and an ombre phase. Currently my hair is darkish brown but the ends are still slightly lighter from when I had my ombre done.

Hair Length: My hair goes about halfway down my back / just finishes on my boobs lol. I’m happy with the length of it at the moment, I had it cut short about a year ago and I hated it! I like longer hair on me, it suits me way better.

Eye Colour: I have green eyes, but they change colours. In the summer, they almost turn yellow because the sunshine alters the shade of them. When I eat lots of tomatoes my eye colour changes to a really vibrant bright green. The outside of my iris’ are circled in by a dark blue.

Best Feature: Probably my eyes. They are always something people compliment because they’re so big! My friend and her mum call them my “anime eyes” and my optician told me that when I blink, my eyelids aren’t big enough to close fully around my massive eyeballs lol.

Braces: Not anymore! I had braces for 2 years, they got taken off in Feb 2012.

Piercings: I have double piercings in both my earlobes and I used to have a cartilage piercing but I grew a weird skin bump so I took it out and the bump went away.

Tattoos: I have two very small tattoos done by a friend who stole some Indian ink from her art class and did them herself by taping a sterilised needle to a pencil and jabbing me with it haha! Stick and poke tattoos they’re called. One is very high up on my left thigh and is a little heart, the other is a full moon with two crescent moons beside it and is on the underside of my right boob… I don’t like this one, the crescents are wonky, but it’s ok cause I can’t see it. Matt calls it my Pac-Man tattoo.

Image result for full moon with two crescents
This is the moon tattoo I was talking about

Right or Left: I’m a lefty!


Holiday: I don’t even remember by first holiday because I was so young, but technically it was my 3 month trip to Australia and New Zealand, when I was about 2 or 3. My mum’s dad lives out there so we were visiting him. (His grandad name is Grandpa Far because he lives so far away!) The first holiday I have memories of, was my trip to Lapland with my dad and his lifelong friend. Someone left a backpack in the cabin we were renting and there was an old school Gameboy in it which I still have in my possession today hehe!

Best Friend: My first bezzle was a girl called Holidae (pronounced holiday) from my primary school, we went on holiday (har har) to France together with my parents, it was lovely. My longest best friend was with my friend Claudia, I wouldn’t say we’re besties now, since leaving school, but we’re still very close. My boyfriend Matt, is also my best friend, along with my step sister Chantal, who I’ve known since I was 10 (I think).

Award: I don’t think I’ve ever won an award! I got congratulated for writing the 2nd best short story out of all my primary school students once, but that wasn’t even first place so it doesn’t count! My Grandpa Far named one of his race horses after me and sent me over the gold medal thing that it won once… does that count?

Sport: I don’t do sports… I had a knack for swimming when I was younger but I’m too lazy now.

Concert: The first concert I remember was actually a festival… Mum took me to V Fest when I was about 8 or 9, maybe younger. I saw Lily Allen, The Sugababes, Morrissey and more! When I went out to Australia, I saw The Wiggles live and got up on stage with them! That was technically a concert haha.


TV Show(s): Lie to Me, Black Books, League of Gentlemen, The Mighty Boosh, Wilfred, The US Office, Parks & Recreation, Flight of the Conchords, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia etc, etc.

Colour: Baby / pastel pink!

Song: Forget Her by Jeff Buckley ❤

Restaurant: I don’t really go out to eat much, so I’m not sure. I like little niche family run restaurants. When my dad comes to visit me in London we often go to this super tiny Italian restaurant called Brizzi’s, so I might say that one is my favourite!

Shop: Waterstones is a gem for book shopping, H&M or New Look for clothes, and Morrisons for groceries!

Books: I have several, but here are a few; American Psycho, To Kill a Mockingbird and Rosemary’s Baby.

Shoes: I’m really not bothered about shoes brands, I’ll wear anything.


Feeling: Neutral. I’m doing this during my lunch break at work so I’m neither happy or sad. Work makes me neutral.

Single or Taken: I hate the phrase “taken”. I am happily in a relationship (4 years strong!)

Eating: Nothing currently, but my lovely colleague just made me one of his famously good cuppa’s, so I’m having that right now.

Thinking About: The weekend! My sister and her boyfriend are over this weekend and we’re going out to the cinema so I’m looking forward to that currently!

Watching: Nothing right now, but the last thing I watched was an iDubbbzTV Youtube video.

Wearing: Blue denim jeans, a pink, black, grey & white striped long sleeved top from H&M and plain black flats from Primark (only £4, hell yeah!!)


Want Children: I’m not fussed about kids, at all. If it happens, it happens, but I don’t think I’d ever plan to have any.

Want to be Married: I’m terrified of getting married but I want to wear a gorgeous dress and have a whole day dedicated to my happiness. So yes, I’d like to get married, but I just have to try to overcome my fear of it first.

Careers in Mind: Anything to do with publishing or marketing in a publishing firm.

Where You Want to Live: I’d love to live anywhere that’s pretty quiet and quaint. I hate the city.

Do You Believe in:

(oh god this is where I sound like a right negative nelly)

God: No…

Miracles: No…

Love at First Sight: No…

Ghosts: No…

Aliens: I believe in other life in the universe, but not necessarily the classic stereotype of an alien.

Soul MatesUm… not really. I don’t know about this one.

Heaven: No…

Hell: No…

Kissing on the First Date: Do whatever you want on a first date! I don’t get the whole “don’t sleep with him/her on the first date” thing. You do you.

Yourself: No… lol. I have terrible self-esteem, I’m even on medication for it.

Tag time:

(no pressure as always my lovelies)

Mandy @ Book Princess Reviews // Miss Alicia’s Blog // Ryann the Reader // Chaotic Everything // Misty @ Misty’s Book Space


20 Replies to “The Get to Know Me Tag”

  1. My natural hair colour is a mousey brown but I’ve dyed it so many times now that it’s never getting back to that colour. LOL I feel so identified with this. Don’t worry, I also don’t believe in anything, god or ghosts…and I don’t even want to get married hahahaha

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is such an interesting tag, Zuky, and it was fun to read your answers. I cracked up with your caption for the photo. I was thinking…are those sinks? But it is a good photo, so who cares about the sinks. XD And I think it was beautiful about what you said about the whole first date thing. There are seriously too many stigmas against what’s acceptable and not and you’re so right about you just doing you. And supppppper agree about the whole “taken” thing. Wonderful tag as always, Zuky!! And thanks so much for tagging me. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Haha! Yes, I liked the big mirror and my look that day so I thought, to hell with it and hopped on up! Thanks Mandy ❤
      Glad you agree, why are we always judging people for stupid things, it's nothing to do with us what someone else does on a first date! Looking forward to seeing your answers! 😀

      Liked by 2 people

  3. This is great!!! I love your belief section because I find people with other beliefs than my own to be so interesting. I hate when people say “don’t talk about religion or politics” it’s like bro, just cause not everyone thinks the same doesn’t mean that we can’t talk about it and learn new things and open each other up. And I’m right there with ya on the self-esteem struggle girl. I used to be on meds too but they had me all zombie-like so now I just blog, read and stay in my bubble. occasionally I have days where I’m like “ok kate go head with ya bad self” but that’s very rare lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! Yes I’m always open to hearing others beliefs too. The ghost thing is where I’m most open to thinking otherwise but somethings you just can’t explain and I kind of WANT to believe in them because I love scary stuff and I always associate them with being scared, not that that is always the case tho obv!
      Thanks for doing the post 💖

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Thanks for tagging me! I can’t wait to get to it!

    And I’m not a huge city girl, either. Most of my college friends wanted to live in New York City, but I don’t think I could handle being there for much more than a week.

    Liked by 1 person

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