DNF Review: Butterfly on the Storm by Walter Lucius


DNF @ 20%


Haunted by a past you can never escape . . .

A young boy wearing jewellery is found in woods outside Amsterdam. Broken and bloody, he appears to be the victim of a brutal hit and run. When the police at the hospital ask what happened, the one word the boy whispers – ‘Padar’ – they don’t understand.

But journalist Farah Hafez does. She left Afghanistan as a child and she recognizes her native tongue. As the boy is taken into surgery she finds herself visiting the scene of the crime, seeking to discover how a little Afghan boy came to be so far from home.

Instead, she comes across a burnt-out car and two bodies – sinister clues to something far darker than a simple hit and run.

It is just the start of a journey that will lead her from one twisted strand to another in an intricate web of crime and corruption that stretches across Europe and deep into a past that Farah had sought to escape – a past that nearly killed her.

DNF Review:

I’m disappointed to put this one down because I thought it could be a new series to get into… but no. This is not a badly written book and already the premise for the crime is pretty unique. But I have an issue with our main character, Farah, and the fact that this was already overly sexual for a police procedural type novel.

My issues with the main character are as follows:

  • She is some sort of kung fu master, with an aggressive rage she can’t control, but she’s soft as anything really… change the tune!
  • She is a model… Or rather she is described as a model lookalike. Why does she have to be so pretty? So she gets her way with everyone that she meets? Give me a break.
  • She drives a fancy old “badass” car. Oh, she’s soooo cool.
  • She has the most expensive of clothing brands to wear and is sleeping with a movie director? It’s time to stop.

As for the sexual bits, here’s my issues:

  • Farah just happens to walk into the blast from a fire engine? Results of this? Wet t-shirt, and she’s not wearing a bra. Lots of breast talk. Gross.
  • Before the first 5% of the book is over we have a sex scene that’s semi graphic. I’m no prude but it just didn’t feel right.

So that’s why I put this book down so early. I feel bad, it’s a Netgalley book and I don’t like DNFing a book given to me for the purposes of a review, but I wouldn’t have been able to finish this one before publication date, or even within a week, probably.

Note: if you’re into police procedurals you may very well like this book, this is just my personal preference for the kind of crime novels I like to read.

Thanks to Netgalley and Penguin UK – Michael Joseph for giving me the opportunity to read this in exchange for an honest review.

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