Mini-review: The Red Room by H. G. Wells



4 stars


A classic gothic tale, our narrator spends the night in the ‘Red Room’ and declares that in his eight-and-twenty years of being alive he has never seen a ghost. The three occupants of the building declare he may have not seen a ghost in his life…yet.


“It’s your own choosing.”

The original Red Room, not a place of sexual kinks, but instead a place of terror. The name of this room just sounds like an ominous place, I sure as hell wouldn’t spend a night in it.

This story has amazing imagery and the tension built in it makes your heart race! Being very short sighted, at night when I have to take my glasses off, everything becomes a dark, menacing blur, so this novel played on my fear of the dark really well.

Very scary, I’m glad I didn’t read this before bed.

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