Over the Rainbow: red book covers

over the rainbow

Over the next seven Saturdays, I’m going to be posting a blog with books covers that are one of the colours of the rainbow… just because I thought it was a cute idea! This is our first week, so here are some red book covers I like!


Red is a popular cover colour as it’s really striking and definitely grabs your attention when you’re skimming over books in a book store! Red is a great colour for a book but it always seems very angry to me, what do you think?

Fun fact: my middle name is Red!

Next week we’ll be looking at some of my favourite orange book covers!

If you like this idea and want some easy blogs to post over the next 7 weeks, please feel free to do this and tag me so I can see it!

15 Replies to “Over the Rainbow: red book covers”

  1. Have you read all these? You’ve got some pretty good selections up there. I own The Troop and The Deep, but haven’t read either yet. My friend read The Troop and loved it, but she made me afraid of it. I also read Parasite, the whole trilogy, that was good stuff… even though I have a deep fear of worms, any kind. I read the first 2 parts of Wool (it was released in multiple short stories) and they’re amazing! 🙂

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