(Non-bookish) Feeling down? 5 best feel good TV shows

Decided to do something non-bookish for this lovely Saturday. Not only am I passionate about books, but I’m also passionate about movies and TV shows too, so todday I thought I’d give you all a bit of inspiration of which TV yus should watch if you’re feeling a bit down.

These are my top 5 feel good TV shows to watch!


It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Starting off this list isΒ my favourite out of the five… It’s Always Sunny! Meet Dennis, Charlie, Mac and Dee, they own a pub, called Paddy’s and they’re broke af and always coming up with dumb ideas and getting into sticky situations.

This may be a bit of an eclectic taste as it’s rather vulgar, offensive, stupid and rude, but that’s the kind of comedy I enjoy. Charlie Day makes this show absolute gold, he is by far, my favourite character. This show never fails to make me laugh!



Parks and Recreation

Filmed as though a documantary, this show takes you into the lives of those who work at the Pawnee Parks & Rec department.

It took me a while to realise that I loved this show. The first season didn’t do much for me and it took until mid way through the second to realise just how witty this was. Fantastic show with a really great cast of people. This is totally feel good because only lovely things happen!


The Office

Another mockumentary, this time into the lives of the people who work at the Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin, a paper company.

This show will make you dry with laughter and with real sadness emotions. I love this shows too much! It’s definitely created some of the best characters on TV, ever.


Flight of the Concords

In this show we following two New Zelander wannabee music sensations Bret and Jermain as they adapt to life in The United States.

If you like shows with music numbers, this is for you. It totally takes the piss out of modern day music and it’s just a really sweet program to watch. The first season is way better than the second but it’s all worth watching!



Do I even need to explain this one?! This is shows gives me all the feels!

There we go! A fun little post for today and my first ever blog using gifs Ooo, how exciting.

Do you guys enjoy any of these shows too? Let me know!

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