My household in books!


Welcome to this little tour of the bookshelves in my house!

Everyone in my household is a reader. We have 5 full size bookshelves dotted around the house, but you can actually find books in every room, including the three bathrooms!

My bedroom

my room.jpg

The hallway (these are two separate shelves sat together)


The living room / dining room


The 3rd bedroom


My family in books

Me: the mystery thriller nut

Practically every book that I own in the house falls under the “mystery/thriller” genre. If you were to read the blurbs of several of my books, you’d be shocked at how similar they all sound. Mystery thrillers may be my fave kind of book, but the genre sure as hell is watered down!

Mum: the philosophy & science queen

Mum has recently lost the itch to read, but she used to be a massive reader, like me. Mum’s favourite books are definitely science-y and philosophical, she loves reading about the world too. Her head is full of facts that make her a great person to debate with!

Step-dad: the french historian

Christian, my step-dad is French and all he cares about… is France. This man has the biggest collection of Napoleon related books, ever, (I should call the Guinness World Records)! He also reads a lot about war, mainly French wars. If you’re having trouble with your WWII homework, Christian’s the guy to ask for help! Another major reading preference of his is geopolitics (yawn).

Hope you enjoyed this fun little post! How would you describe the readers you live with?

17 Replies to “My household in books!”

  1. Yessss!, I can’t wait to get a nice book shelf like the one in your bedroom and 3rd room, those are a really nice size I’d loveee filling it with books 📚❤️

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I’ve heard a lot about IKEA! And a lot of YouTubers get their furniture from there, it always looks reaaally nice


  2. Haha I loved the bit about your family. I’m like you… (and also some Kate Morton-esque historical books) and my boyfriend likes to read “Indiana Jones-like” kind of books 😛

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Meh, when someone doesn’t like to read, it’s almost impossible to convince them, my brother is the same way XD They dont know what theyre missing out!


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