Thursdays: short story review Thursday is a weekly book meme, made by yours truly! It involves reading a short story from every week and reviewing it!

Here’s how it works:

  • On Thursday, I will pick a short story from for us to all read…
  • The next Thursday, we will all review the story that was picked the previous week…
  • The review can be in depth or short and snappy! There are no boundaries on how you want to review the story…
  • After my own personal review of that weeks story, I will post the next story to read for next week…
  • And on and on it goes…
  • Please remember to tag back to my post (pingback!!) if you join in on this meme, that way I can read all your reviews!

This weeks read was: A Pest Most Fiendish by Caighlan Smith



My mini-review:

I liked this one the most out of the three we’ve already read, because it was fun rather than moody. It still had all the aspects that I like of a story, such as gore and mystery, but it took on a comedic tone to it too.

I didn’t see the twist coming, so I’m glad it was able to surprise me like that and overall, I liked the kooky story of paranormal pest control.

Next weeks read is: The Old Dispensation by Lavie Tidhar


A space opera adventure set in a universe controlled and run by Jewish religious authorities. An enforcer is sent to a distant planet where he discovers an android who changes his mind about what is right and wrong.

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