February wrap-up!


The shortest month of the year has been super busy for me! I’ve read a lot and I’ve done a lot.




2 stars

The Breakdown by B A Paris

3 stars
Siren by Annemarie Neary

4 stars
Desperation Road by Michael Farris Smith
Idaho by Emily Ruskovich
Lucidity by David Carnoy

5 stars
The Witchfinder’s Sister by Beth Underdown



readinc challenfe.PNG

I’m up to 16 books so far this year, which according to Goodreads, is 2 books ahead of schedule! I’m pleased with my progress at the moment, I hope it continues just as well as it’s been going!

tbr graphic.png

I’m really shitty at sticking to my plans of what to read next, but I’m going to attempt to do better in March. These are some of the novels I am aiming to read next month…

The Trials of Walter Ogrod by  Thomas Lowenstein
Sometimes I Lie by Alice Feeney
Anatomy Innocence by Various authors
The Fall of Lisa Bellow by Susan Perabo
The Twenty Days of Turin by Giorgio De Maria




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I went to Sweden! My boyfriend (that’s the handsome fella with the long hair) and I decided to book a last minute holiday to see the sites of Stockholm. We jet off on the 2nd, returning on the 5th, so we had a nice long weekend to visit the museums and tourist spots.

We managed to visit the public library, the ABBA Museum, the Vasa Museum, The Swedish History museum, Skansen (an open air museum and zoo), Gamla Stan (the old town), the cathedral, the palace and The Nobel Museum! All places I recommend going to if you ever visit the city.

It was a really busy, but amazing weekend away and I’m so glad we did it. Word of warning, if you’re planning on going to Sweden anytime soon, take your life savings with you if you expect to not starve to death! It’s mega expensive out there! We managed to spend £400 in 2 days, which is breath-taking, in a bad way!

Valentines Day. I don’t really care about Valentine’s day but I do like receiving cards, so my boyfriend & I agreed to get each other cards this year. We always get each other silly cards, we’re not into all the mushy stuff, here’s the picks for this year.

He also surprised me with an orchid which sits in a gorgeous pastel pink flower pot.

My dads birthday. It was my dads 50th birthday this Feb, and he threw a big birthday bash for himself at his local pub (he’s been going there for 35 years)! There was a lot of dancing & a lot of alcohol. All my family were there too, which was lovely as I don’t see them all that often. This is a cute pic of me and Matt that my uncle took. (The baldy in the back is my dad haha)!


Shedding those pounds. I’m still on my special diet, and even though I went on holiday, which meant I couldn’t take my diet food with me and had to eat normal food, I still managed to lose a good amount of weight this month! I’m getting closer and closer to my goal weight and it feels good!


So, that’s my February summarised! It was a pretty good month for me, I wonder what March will bring. I hope you all had a wonderful February too! What have you been reading and what was your favourite book of the month?

25 Replies to “February wrap-up!”

  1. I’d love to read Sometimes I Lie too! I already knew Sweden was expensive (especially drinks) but didn’t know it was that bad! Looks like you had a very good time. I wouldn’t mind visiting Sweden either :-). Finally, you look really good, I think you should stop with your diet now.. eating healthy is another thing of course ;-). I don’t do either 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have it sat waiting on my Netgalley shelf, I’m looking forward to it, I’ve heard great things about it already.

      Yes, we didn’t drink out there! We’re not big drinkers, especially my boyfriend, so we managed to avoid the cost of alcohol haha! And thank you so much. I have a little bit a fupa still, don’t let the pics deceive you, but it’s more a case of toning up now. I can’t stop the diet however, as it’s all been paid for, but March is the last month! 😀

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  2. Omigosh, Sweden looks amazing! So pretty – you’ve just given me yet another place to add to my list…hopefully once it gets cheaper XD And your book wrap-up for this month kind of all fit in two color schemes it seemed, which I thought was epic. This was so much fun to read, though! Fantastic post, Zuky!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is lovely out there! So clean compared to here in the UK and very quiet too! Haha you’re right! It is kind of coloured themed, I hadn’t noticed that 😛
      Thank Mandy!! 🙂


  3. Overall I see that you got a great month!! Not only with books (I need to read Idaho!) but adventures!! I envy that! Also I know those countries up there are quite expensive but that’s just too much, at least for my wallet…

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