Q&A! Your questions answered!


Thank you so much to everyone who commented and asked me questions for this Q&A! I’ve had so much fun coming up with answers for all your questions, some of them are really tricky!

I’m going to add in a few facts about myself and then answer everyone’s questions.

My name is Zuky Red Edgar. Yes, it’s a very odd name. I was going to be called Dizzy, Leeloo (from 5th Element), or Suki but my parents decided on Zuky. What is the meaning of my name, do I hear you ask? Well, your guess is as good as mine! I’ve heard plenty of things, from it meaning “moon” or “punch” in Japenese to being “bitch” in Russian… I have no idea… oh, also, as people always wonder this, I’m fully British! No hint of Asian, or otherwise, descent. Parents just liked the kooky name.

My middle name, which is Red, I was given for two different reasons. For my mum, it was in memory of a kindly old man who used to give her free sweets when she was young and living in poverty, for my dad it’s in memory of one of his heroes, Red Adair.

I’m left handed and have green eyes, which makes me a pretty rare human being on this earth since only 10% of the worlds population are left-handed and only 2% have green eyes. But, that’s not where my rarity ends! I’m also one of the 8% who suffers from sleep paralysis, which is terrifying and not something to brag about… she says lol.

A few of my quirks include:

  • I can’t eat ice cream out of a bowl… only out of a cone.
  • I have a weird thing with textures which some people call tryphophobia (don’t go Googling this if you don’t like the look of lots of small holes) (Ugh, even saying “small holes” makes me feel sick).
  • I can’t say, or listen to someone else say, the word “scalp” without shivering all over, it makes me feel nauseous.
  • I always tuck my feet right up when I’m sitting in the back of a car as I have an irrational fear of crashing and having the seat in front of me fall and remove all my toes.
  • I can’t listen to someone talk about anatomy without going all weak and sometimes gagging.
  • I can’t blow my nose. Not out of stupidity, it just gives me the creeps.
  • I only wear odd socks.
  • (My boyfriend told me I should add the way I say “worry” as a quirk… I pronounce the o, so I say it like you say lorry… he (and most other people) say it with a u, so they say it like you say curry…)

Some things I don’t like, that everyone else does: Harry Potter, Benedict Cumberbatch, sweet potato, Marvel (apart from Thor because Chris Hemsworth hehe), Sherlock, Young Adult fiction.

I only use cruelty free makeup & beauty items. I decided to go cruelty free about a year and a half ago so now all the beauty items I use, including shampoo, body wash, hair spray etc, aren’t tested on animals! This means I don’t use brands like; Maybelline, Revlon, L’Oreal, Max Factor, MAC, Avon, Bobbi Brown, Benefit, Makeup Forever, Dove and many, many more!

Now for your questions! 

Callum McLaughlin asked me:

Are there any fellow bookish people amongst your real life friends and family?
My entire family are bookish people, I actually have a blog post about them going up sometime soon! My boyfriend isn’t at all bookish, which is a pain, but he lets me read all the time so I don’t mind! As for friends, I have some that read a good amount but nothing like me or the community online here.

What’s the best book you’ve read based on a blogger/booktuber’s recommendation?
Quick note, I don’t watch any booktubers! I can’t find any that are in my niche… can anyone suggest any that talk about primarily thriller, crime, mystery books? As for my answer, I haven’t been on the blogging scene for long so I haven’t read anything recommended by another blogger yet, so my answer is just a general recommendation from friends or family.

Gone Girl, which was recommended to me by my mum. I wasn’t really that into reading back when it came out, but she shoved it at me enough times that I picked it up and I was hooked from page one!

Elou Carroll asked me:

Ice cream flavour of choice?
Mint choc chip!

What is your biggest achievement?
I don’t really think of much of what I’ve done as “achievements” but I guess I would say getting my job. I had just left school and didn’t want to go to university like all of my friends, so I signed up for an apprenticeship and got the first one I went for! I then was offered a full time role with a pay rise… it was great!

If you could choose one book cover to be displayed in a gallery for all to see, which would you choose?
The Luminaires by Eleanor Catton… I have no idea why I like it so much but I think it’s absolutely stunning.

How many books do you read at once?
I tend to read 2 books at once. One human book (physical book) and one on my Kindle.

What’s your favourite song?
Forget Her by Jeff Buckley. I’m actually considering getting the lyrics “Don’t fool yourself, she was heartache from the moment that you met her” tattooed on my arm, but mum keeps calling it tacky, bleh.

Who would you love to have as the composer of the soundtrack to your life?
Claude Debussy, this might be a lame answer, but my favourite piece of music is Clair de lune and I think his piano work is simply beautiful. I like it because it’s so calming. I think my life’s soundtrack would be pretty chilled out and Debussy could make that.

How do you schedule? How do you decide which post you’re posting and when you’re posting it?
I don’t really have a specific way that I schedule. I just pick days that are a little more quiet than others on my blog to post certain things. For example, I do book memes on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday, so I work around them.

Biggest tip for fellow bloggers?
To make sure you’re always interacting with your followers & with who you follow. Interaction makes for new friends and getting your name out in the open!

What is one thing you’d love to do on your blog but are worried/nervous to do? (If anything!)
Not on my blog, per se, but I’d love to start a YouTube channel! I just don’t think I’m very good in front of a camera.

mistysbookspace asked me:

What do you enjoy doing besides blogging and reading books?
I don’t spend a lot of my time doing much else other than reading but I do like to watch movies, mainly foreign horrors, and crime thriller TV shows. YouTube takes up a lot of my time too, I mainly watch a channel called Funhaus who are the funniest people ever. I also enjoy playing video games with my boyfriend, every once in a while.

susanlovesbooks asked me:

What book did you hate that everyone loved?
Most recently, The Breakdown by B A Paris! I also really didn’t like In a Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware, Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen or anything Shakespeare.

Emma the Book Lover asked me:

If you could bring one book character back from the dead who would it be and why?


Johannes Brandt from The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton. He was a beautiful soul and did not deserve the punishment given to him. I get that it was a different time and so things were treated in different ways (though it doesn’t feel like too much has changed!!!) but I was a wreck when he was killed, he did nothing wrong!!

Tiana @ The Book Raven asked me:

What would you do if you saw an animal hurt, decided to heal it, grew to love it, but then found out that the animal had an owner?
This is deep! I guess I would let the animal pick. They have their own personalities, especially dogs. They will stay loyal to whom they want. If it went to the owner, then so be it, I would have to deal with that.

(This question is only for if you would give it back) Would you change your previous answer if unknown to you, the owner was actually the one that caused the injury that landed that animal in your care?
Yes! If they had injured the animal on purpose then they don’t deserve the animal. My step-dad used to pick up stray and abused dogs as part of his job and it was heart breaking seeing all those innocent little beauties having been abandoned or abused!

What is something you wish was included more in books?
The killer getting away with it. It’s all well and good that the criminals in novels get caught, phew, but it would be nice to change that up a bit sometimes!

What is one of your favourite TV shows and what do you love about it most?
I’ve talked about Black Books waaaay too often now so I’ll pick another favourite.


The League of Gentlemen. It’s terrifying and hilarious all at the same time. It’s got very British humour, so I don’t suppose many people would enjoy it… even a lot of British people don’t “get” it. But it was introduced to me by my mum and I haven’t looked back since, it’s one of the best shows ever. It’s pretty old, so it’s not on TV anymore but I have the box set that I love to rewatch!

Marie @ KookBookery asked me:

If you could live in a dystopian novel, what would it be and why?
I don’t really read Dystopian novels! The only ones I can think of are The Knife of Never Letting Go (and series) and The Girl with All the Gifts. 

I would prefer to live in The Knife of Never Letting Go as long as I didn’t live in Prentisstown! Even though there is evil in the book, there are nice communities also, so I would like to end up in one of them and settle into a farming life.

Annie @ The Misstery asked me:

Favourite character?
My favourite book character is probably Atticus Finch, from the first of the To Kill a Mockingbird duo. He’s the perfect dad to his kids and so he’s grounded and kind. My favourite movie character is Jason Bourne (I know they’re books too), but only when he was played by Matt Damon! I just think he’s really badass! My favourite TV character is Dexter. He was so cute and funny and I just love him.

Favourite ending?
This is a toughy! I don’t think I can pick a specific ending that I really loved in any one book, but some endings, from recentish reads, I do like, would be from The Last One, All the Ugly and Wonderful Things and Dark Matter.

Favourite movies?
I have a whole bunch of favourite movies, so I’ll pick one from each genre.

Action: The Bourne Identity
Romance: Leap Year
Horror: The Shining
Thriller: Funny Games (U.S.)
Kids: Ratatouille
Drama: American Beauty

Those are just the ones off the top of my head for now!

TV shows you enjoy?
Other than the two mentioned above, some of my other favourite TV shows are: The US Office, Him & Her, Dexter, The Bridge, The Mighty Boosh and Flight of the Concords (lol all shows that don’t run anymore!)

What book do you wish you could’ve written?
50 Shades of Grey. Lol, she must be rolling in it!

On a more serious note, probably To Kill a Mockingbird.

So there you have it! Lots of information about me, to clog up your brain space. Thanks again to all those who asked me questions, I really appreciate it!

9 Replies to “Q&A! Your questions answered!”

  1. I really enjoyed this post. Getting to know you a liottle better.
    I started a draft post last week on a “get to know me” post but I think il wait a while before finishing and posting it. Maybe il do a Q&A like you have done.
    I love Dexter too, mint choc chip is very high on my fav ice cream too, and I would love to see you strat a YouTube/BookTube channel xx


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