Valentines Day? Shmalentines Day!


No, this isn’t a bitter post about Valentine’s day because I’m lonely (I’m in a wonderful relationship of 4 years) or because I think it’s a capitalist scheme (although I do a little bit). This is a post about what I think Valentines Day should be instead.

If you’re a good partner in your relationship, then Valentines Day is pretty pointless! I’ve never understood why there’s a specified day to shower your partner with gifts and lovely things – you should be doing that kind of thing all the time!

Today should be about loving yourself. I think, too often, we forget to give ourselves a bit of lovin’. Do something for you today! Go get your nails or hair done, buy yourself tickets to a gig or a play so you have something to look forward to, treat yourself to that book you’ve been wanting to read for ages, or just simply chill out for once!

We’re constantly reminded to treat other people how we want to be treated, but never “treat yourself how you deserve to be treated”, so that’s my message to you! Do something nice for yourself today and don’t feel bad about it, you deserve some self-love.

p.s. don’t you just love this water colour heart? It’s cute but also looks like blood spatter!

p.p.s. no Top Ten Tuesday post today as I couldn’t get along with this weeks theme

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