The Chainsmokers Book tag

I don’t like The Chainsmokers music, personally, but I love tag posts! Thanks to icebreaker694 for posting this and kind of, but kind of not, tagging me (& everyone)!


Roses / a book series that you didn’t/don’t want to end

I am really loving the Erika Foster detective series by Robert Bryndza right now. It’s the only detective series I’ve really gotten into, so I would like it to continue for as long as possible!

Don’t Let Me Down / an upcoming book you have high expectations for


I am so gosh-darned excited about Universal Harvester by John Darnielle! Initially all I cared about was the gorgeous oil spill book cover, but it actually sounds like a really good plot – I’m hoping it lives up to all my expectations!

Inside Out / a book with a beautiful cover and a beautiful story


The cover for The Wonder doesn’t look particularly nice here, but in real life it’s all shiny and metallic, it’s seriously gorgeous! Also, the story within is beautifully written and an excellent read so pick it up if ever come across it!

Until You Were Gone / a book you read when it wasn’t trending anymore


It took me a while to finally read Dark Matter. After seeing all the thousands of 5 star reviews it was getting I was a bit worried I would be one of those people who didn’t love this and so I kept putting off getting it. In then end, it turned out to be my favourite read of 2016!

Closer / a book you wish you hadn’t read


Oh how I wish I hadn’t read The Merciless. It was a pretty terrible book which is bad enough, but now I feel like I need to read the second one, just to find out how it all ends and I know that’s just going to be as terrible as the first! If only I’d ignored the cute pink cover I wouldn’t be in this mess.

Waterbed / a book you read that gave you so many feels


The Miniaturist destroyed me. I stayed up most of the night reading this and then when I finally finished it and put it down, I sobbed for a good hour… and I mean sobbed. This book gave me so many “feels” that I still get upset when I think about it now.

Kanye / an expensive book that you need right now

I kind of cheated here because I couldn’t think of one book that costs that much, that I need. I have £20 books on my tbr list but I didn’t feel that was particularly super mega expensive, so I’ve chosen a collection of books I really want that will cost me a fortune to collect! The Clothbound Classics Collection from Penguin. They’re such beautiful books! I don’t want to collect them all as I have no interest in books like Pride and Prejudice but at £15 a piece, it’s still going to be quite an investment I sink into these.

#Selfie / a photogenic book


I don’t really have a book that I take photos of a lot, I try to take photos of all the books I own, rather than focusing on one or two, so for me, this question is more like “a beautiful book cover”. Idaho sounds like it’s going to be a good book, and look at that gorgeous cover!

Good Intentions / a book with good reviews and you think you’ll like too


I’m really looking forward to A Gentleman in Moscow but I don’t want to buy the book with the golden, Great Gatsby esque cover, so I’m waiting until I can get my hands on this book cover!

New York City / a book you stayed up all night for, perhaps in tears


I stayed up soooo late to finish All the Ugly and Wonderful Things. I can remember perfectly, sitting in bed, crying into the early hours of the morning reading this. I haven’t read a book like this in ages, I need another book to keep me up at night.

So there we are, these are my answers! I always have fun doing tags, I don’t think they should be restricted to just a few people so I’m tagging anyone who wants to do it! Enjoy!

Original idea by: Katya at Kat Reads A lot and Maria at Little Livres

4 Replies to “The Chainsmokers Book tag”

  1. Haven’t ever listened to Chainsmokers before and haven’t read much of the books mentioned here, but i’ve read The Picture of Dorian Gray last year, and loved it, and that edition… Oh my… That is a total need.

    Also, The Miniaturist seems pretty interesting, guess i’ll go do some digging about it! *-*

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