Top Ten Tuesday: favourite graphic novels/comics or ten graphic novels/comics on my TBR


This week I’m doing my TTT a little differently because I’ve read a few graphic novels but not 10. So I’m putting down two I have already read, that I really loved and then the rest will be ones on my TBR, that I really want to read.

Favourite graphic novels/comics:

1. The Enigma of Amigara Fault by Junji Ito – this short manga can not be described as anything other as horrifying! The story tells of strange human shaped holes appearing in a rock face after an earthquake and the pull these holes have on the living.

You can read it free here! (it’s a manga, so remember to read it from right to left!)

2. Ghost World by Daniel Clowes – honestly, I don’t remember much about this, but I remember really loving it, so much so that I was really disappointed by the film which is rated just as highly, but I couldn’t connect with it at all.

Graphic novels/comics on my TBR


3. The Sandman, Vol 1: Preludes & Nocturnes (+series) by Neil Gaiman, Sam Kieth (Illustrator), Mike Dringenberg (Illustrator), Malcolm Jones III (Illustrator) – Gaiman is a masterful writer so I’d really love to see what he can do with a graphic novel!

4. From Hell by Alan Moore – a graphic novel with its own take on The Ripper murders? Sounds like my kind of read!

5. Hellboy (series) by Mike Mignola – I loved the Hellboy films, well I loved the first one, so I can only imagine it’s far, far better in the comics (this one is comic right? Not a graphic novel? Oh, I don’t know the difference…)

6. Adamtine by Hannah Berry – sounds really creepy, looks pretty creepy too!

7. Black Hole by Charles Burns – the cover of this is amazing. It’s both beautiful and horrifying and the plot of it sounds really intriguing.

8. Preacher (series) by Garth Ennis & Steve Dillon – my mum keeps pushing me to watch the series of this but I like reading the book before I see the on-screen adaptation, nowadays, anyway, so I’ll have to pick this up soon!

9. Uzumaki by Junji Ito – another appearance for Ito. I’ve heard amazing things about this manga and I really, really love the artistic style!

10. Sin City (series) by Frank Miller – again, I loved the first Sin City movie so why wouldn’t I want to read the comics/graphic novels?

That’s all for this week’s Top Ten Tuesday! Do you want to read any of the books on my list / have you already read them?

Credit to: The Broke and The Bookish

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