Review: Cold Calling by Haydn Wilks


People will put up with all manner of perversion, all manner of fucked-up-ness, they’ll positively revel in it, but what people won’t tolerate is boredom.

To a certain extent, I did enjoy this, but I don’t feel comfortable saying that due to the depravity and obscenity of it. This certainly has some American Psycho vibes to it, a book which I thoroughly enjoyed, but Cold Calling somehow seems to excel Bateman’s darkness with Rhys’ spur-of-the-moment crime. I suppose because, in American Psycho, there is a clear underlying cultural message and in Cold Calling, that same message doesn’t get across so easily, if it’s even there at all.

Wilks’ writing is good, there’s no doubt about that, he keeps you reading and wanting more no matter how disturbed you feel. There’s a card game scene in the middle of the novel that I got a bit tired with, but it was to develop the growing anger, boredom and hatred inside of Rhys.

This is definitely NOT one for the squeamish. I’m not surprised this has several low ratings, it’s certainly a difficult novel to handle and is only going to be enjoyed by a very niche market.

One thing I really love about this book is the gruesome cover art!

Buy it here!

Thanks to Haydn Wilks for sending me a copy in exchange for a review!

7 Replies to “Review: Cold Calling by Haydn Wilks”

    1. Worse than Bateman in different ways cause I feel like he was a little more premedative in his murders… The first one in this book is certainly not like that at all! It’s so spur of the moment and gross

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