Good Me, Bad Me by Ali Land



I promised to be the best I could. I promised to try… Forgive me.

Wow. This book was far, far better than I was expecting it to be. I had left it in my library for so long that I had forgotten what it was even about before I picked it up to read. Be warned, there are triggers to note in this book (sexual, physical and emotional abuse of a child, self harm and child murder) but Land is decent enough not to delve too deeply into any of these topics.

The plot for this was new to me, I don’t think I’ve ever read a novel with a similar plot line, though I may be forgetting (I won’t be forgetting about this one)! Annie, whose name is changed to Milly for protection reasons, is the daughter of a serial killer. And while her mother’s trial looms, Milly is trying to move on, forget her old life and fit in with her foster family but nightmarish nighttime visits and a constant inner voice from her mother don’t make any of this easy. Stuck in a battle of nature and nurture, Milly is terrified of what she might become. Fighting with herself daily to be the “good me” is tough because after all, she is her mother’s daughter.

The writing style of this novel is incredible. It was snappy, fast paced yet added to the mystery of the plot. It kept me wanting to know more, which is exactly why I read the novel in under 24 hours. My only, tiny, gripe with the writing, was sometimes, very occasionally, sentences were structured in a way that made it sound like Milly was Yoda… but I only noticed it a couple of times throughout the entire thing.

Twisted, shocking, unputdownable and unforgettable. This is set to be one of the best debuts of 2017 and is by far one of the best debuts I’ve read this year. I’m excited to see what other books Land can produce.

Buy it here!

Thanks to Netgalley and Penguin UK – Michael Joseph for giving me the opportunity to read this in exchange for an honest review.

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