The Art of Murder by Nicola Slade



I thought this mystery was going to be a dark and creepy thriller, due to the fact the cover looks so angsty and sombre, but it’s not. This is the cosiest mystery I have ever put myself through… also the last I’ll ever put myself through too. It wasn’t a terrible novel, it just doesn’t fit into the genres I like to read. I’ll stick to my macabre thrillers from now on…

To me, Harriet and Sam felt like bored middle aged people who loved a bit of a nose into other people’s business, not superb mystery solvers. It was all very reminiscent of the drama that used to occur in primary school (elementary school for you Americans out there) and how everyone would go around and create dumb theories on what they thought was happening.

Each of the characters were really well thought out, with their own individual back stories and unique personalities, but there were just too many! If you’re going to give us an in depth background for each character, stick to three or four people, don’t give us fourteen to remember! Yes, that’s right, fourteen characters.

I didn’t like a few of the characters, but that was to be expected for some of them, I think. Take Linzi, the victim, for example, she’s horrid to every single character in the novel, there’s no way we’re supposed to have sympathy for her. However, I think we’re supposed to like Harriet, yet I didn’t. Just because she was an old headmistress didn’t give her the right to talk to fully grown adults as if they were school children. She was snappy, rude and condescending. Sam was also a dislikable character, he was extremely demanding and stroppy. Other than those, I liked pretty much all the side characters, especially sweet little Madeline, Seren and kooky Bonnie!

I was definitely all for giving this an average 3 stars, but then the ending happened and everything went downhill. The book itself was pretty slow and (for me) dull, but the ending was just deathly boring. So, 2 stars it is.

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Thanks to Netgalley and Endeavor Press for giving me the opportunity to read this in exchange for an honest review.

P.S I’m about to have a rant about the layout of this ARC, this has nothing to do with the plot so it’s not really worth reading, I just wanted to release my anger. This is probably the messiest Netgalley book I’ve ever read. How could they have got it so wrong? Some sentences were completely unreadable. They’d been split up and shuffled about, for example, ””…we’ve a full schedule tomorrow so I vote we move,” she slid a glance at Linzi while everyone checking their mobiles as individual bills. rummaged in bags and wallets, one or two inevitably the waiter produced his card machine along with their”, I mean what?! Yes, I could work it out in the end, but how could that have become so mixed up in editing?

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