The Demon by Hubert Selby Jr



Behind me theres a house, a beautiful house with a loving family, and my guy is filled with rats and maggots that are chewing me up alive. 

I feel like the aim of this book wasn’t just to shock, but also as a reminder that wealth, sex, admiration and success don’t necessarily lead to a happy life.

I found, to begin with, this was so great at flowing along with the story. There were no sections that seemed overly long and boring, it was just exactly what we needed to know about Harry’s life. Then we came to after Harry’s marriage, where the demons within him couldn’t be kept down and he was frequently going out and sleeping with random women. Now, I was expecting this to happen in this book, Harry’s known as “Harry the Lover” so it’s pretty obvious that he’s going to be addicted to sex, but it went on for too long. It felt like half the novel was about Harry going out and shagging anything that moved, all the while, his lovely wife was at home looking after their son, and she had no idea what Harry was up to. The thought of my boyfriend / husband cheating on me one of the worst things I can imagine, so having to read so much of it had me seriously wanting to put the book down and move on.

Thank God Harry moves on to other things to fulfill his desires, because it definitely helped me get back into reading this. Once I was back into reading this, I was really hooked with the story. I kept wondering how far Harry was going to go to hold down his madness.

People get annoyed with the way Selby Jr writes his novels, but I think it’s cool. He doesn’t use speech marks, paragraphs and sentences ramble for ages and he uses a forward slash instead of a apostrophe (it’s closer to type than the apostrophe), this way, he doesn’t ruin his idea and writing flow. I like this raw style of writing, though it can sometimes get confusing to understand who is speaking. Selby Jr is also known for writing about some quite strange, manic and disturbed characters, so his rushed, and a little hectic, writing style does an amazing job as getting you inside the mind of the narrator.

This so could have been a 5 star read for me, but I read it during a reading slump (one that I’m kind of still in), plus the topic of infidelity cropped up too much that everything just fell apart and I couldn’t enjoy it as much as I had wanted to. This is definitely not an easy read but also not a read you should pass up if you get your hands on it.

P.s. I didn’t accidentally miss out the apostrophe in the quote, that’s how it’s written in the book.

Buy it here!

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