My Girl by Jack Jordan



So My Girl started off really great. We’re presented with our likable-unlikable main character, Paige, who is a grieving mother and widow. 10 years ago, her only child, her young daughter Chloe, went missing and her body has never been found, apart from a severed arm. (Trigger) To add to this pain, her husband, Ryan, couldn’t live knowing his daughter was kidnapped and probably murdered, so he commits suicide in the family bathtub, by slitting his wrists. Paige is, understandably, struggling to cope now she’s all alone and has turned to alcohol and prescription medication to ease her pain. Then weird things start to happen and she’s left wondering if her daughter’s killer has come back to taunt her.

The first half of this book is a lot of character development, into the mad and distressing life Paige is living and then bam, it goes AWOL.

I read a review of this that said it was silly and had some really unbelievable moments in it, and I thought girl, what you talking about????… until I got to 50% and then I realised what she was talking about. I mean, it definitely wasn’t all really silly, but it’s big main shock did just come out of nowhere! There was no tension building, no guessing game to be played, it was just… random and sudden and weird. This sudden turn of events also made the whole book a lot easier to predict, which is always a downer when you’re reading a mystery.

After the bizarre turn of events, this book felt really rushed, as though not a lot of thought had gone into the planning of how this whole debacle was going to play out.

I mean, it was disappointing, but at the same time, it was pretty good. I enjoyed it even though it could have been so, so much better. I’ve read a lot worse. I’m definitely still going to read Jordan’s other novel Anything For Her because it seems to be the people’s preferred book.

Buy it here!

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