The Keeper by Alastair Gunn



This started badly, for me. There’s nothing like starting a new detective book and being planted in the middle of a therapy session. Who would have thought a senior police officer who has enough baggage to need therapy? Well I never! That’s something I’ve only seen done 1 million times before… sigh. Thank God it picked up with the excitement afterwards because I wasn’t interested in Hawkins’ anxiety or love life.

This was by no means unique to other detective novels out there. They all have the same sort of plot and characters and themes, but this one did keep me more interested than some of the others I’ve read, purely because there was a humorous side to it as well as the serious side too.

This had some really exciting moments and it had some really drawn out, drab moments where were repeatedly updated on how the case was going, even though we already knew… cause we were reading the book… so I think a lot of this novel could have been cut down to make a shorter novel. 400 pages is quite a lot for a detective series novel, especially one where there’s not a lot of evidence or leads to the case. This really was up and down, up and down, the whole way through. I lost interest so much in some places that I was completely distracted while reading it but then when we got onto a big reveal or breakthrough part, I rushed through it to know what happened next! There were some really great edge of the seat, nail biting moments! It was quite the hit and miss story.

As far as characters go, there weren’t any that I really connected with very well, but none of them were dislikable people. It could get a bit confusing to remember who was who because they’d go from their first name to their last name, back to their first name and then their last name again etc etc. It would have been nice to have some consistency with what the author called them.

This was by far a 3 star read until the twist at the end. I mean, really, I should have seen it coming, I’ve read a million crime thrillers before, but I just hadn’t suspected this one! Really, there were two twists at the end of this, the first one shocked me and then the second one I was expecting because of the first. The ending of this novel was really thrilling and nerve-wracking, it was a great way to finish it off.

Also, considering this is the third novel in a series (something Netgalley hadn’t made me aware of when I requested it!) this did really well as a standalone novel. I didn’t feel like I was missing any part of the characters stories, even when it came to the subject of Hawkins’ therapy sessions.

Buy it here!

Thanks to Netgalley and Penguin UK – Michael Joseph for giving me the opportunity to read this in exchange for an honest review.

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