Arrowood by Laura McHugh



We had struck an iceberg, and though three of us survived, we were left adrift, each to find the shore on our own. 

Yes, yet another story about missing girls, but I’m a sucker for a mystery! For me, this one started out really well and very slowly got mediocre until I reached the predictable ending and was left not knowing what to think.

This sort of reminded me of The Lake House – big old fancy house that’s been frozen in time, age old unsolved mystery disappearance of kids etc – but this held my attention better and was a whole lot less cheesy!

I loved the mystery in this! There’s nothing quite as exciting as going through a book and being the detective yourself. McHugh doesn’t give anything away too easily, which is so refreshing in modern books. I hate being given too much information that’s just a curveball or that gives too much away. I did feel a little cheated out of extra mysterious mystery thanks to a romantic subplot I wasn’t that fussed about. Luckily it didn’t take up too much time in the story so it was tolerable.

The characters were all well rounded and interesting but it did get a little difficult to work out who was talking some of the time, but this is probably due to the fact I read an ARC copy. I enjoyed following Arden’s character around, even though she seemed immature a lot of the time. She was level headed and less annoying than a lot of the other mc’s in these kind of novels. She was in a constant state of grief, understandably after moving back into the house that caused her family so much pain, but she didn’t go on and on about it, or use it to get herself pity.

Unfortunately the ending, for me, was predictable, which made it much less exciting to find out about and left me feeling a little disappointed.

It’s a well written, a quick and easy read and also pretty intriguing for the most part but it fell short of shocking me with a twist. I’ve classed this as a 4 star read, but I think it’s more deserving of 3.5 stars.

Buy it here!

Thanks to Netgalley and Random House UK, Cornerstone for giving me the opportunity to read this in exchange for an honest review.

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